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CushCore PRO Tire Inserts

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CushCore Review

The Good:

Awesome damping / Superior rim protection / More grip

The Bad:

Cost / Removing them is even worse than installing them

Overall Review:

So CushCore had been on my radar for a while and although I have only had one pinch flat in the last 2 years I liked everything I was hearing about the product. As I was sitting and watching YouTube vid's and doing some more reading up on CushCore a video cued up with a follow up from Phil Kmetz on his experience. I was sold and pulled the tigger with out even really thinking about how much I was spending. The power of marketing!! Anyway, they are expensive and for me to spend $$$ to prevent a pinch flat would seem a little silly, but it wasn't really the pinch flat that had me dropping the $$$ for the CushCore, it was the idea of improving my ride and preventing damage to my rims. My ride is already amazing and with 170mm and 160mm I'm sitting pretty (pun intended) when it comes to damping but if the CushCore claims are true in regards to damping, lower tire pressures and rim protection then money well spent.

On to the install; the first issue I really had to struggle with was which bike to install them on, the DH rig or the Daily. Knowing I wouldn't be riding the DH for another month or two made it even more difficult but I was pretty sure that I would get the most benefit on the DH rig. I thought about installing on the Daily and then swapping to the DH when the time came but I had read enough about the installto know that was not going to happen. Although I wouldn't get to feel the awesomeness for awhile I decided the DH rig was the right choice. The install is tough, point blank, not easy but not horrible if you have the mindset that it's not going to be easy and you set aside enough time not be rushing. As I installed I played around with how I was attempting every step in the hopes that I would figure out some tricks to make it easier. I was able to come up a few little tricks beyond what I had seen in all the videos and what I had read that helped. The first install took me about an hour. I was purposely being slow and again trying different things looking for the easy buttons. So with the CushCore installed on the rear tire of the DH rig I decided my arms where just to tired to work on the front and went back to watching YouTube vids. I rewatched Phils video and in it he made a comment about only running the CushCore on the rear. Hmmmm maybe I could install the second one on the Daily and get to experience the CushCore without having to wait forever. So two days later when I had recovered mentally and physically from the install I was back at it. Installing the CushCore on the Daily only took me 20 minutes and I was again taking my time. I think the combo of the little tricks, mounting into an older tire and just knowing how much force it is going to take made it so much easier. 

The experience: Can you say NorEaster!! Thats what happened over and over again.  Most of the East Coast was hit with three NorEasters in the matter of a few weeks. We went from being a few warm days away from spring riding to full on winter conditions again.  It took another two weeks and a 400 mile trip to get to play on some dirt. Unfortunately Maryland (or at least the places I rode) are not the gnarliest of places to ride. Even with what seemed to be a lot of over groomed trails I found enough chunk to really feel the CushCore at work. I had kinda forgotten all about it until I started to hit some good rough sections and then BAM whats up with this??? My bike was reacting very differently to these sections. It was then that I realized I was feeling the CushCore working to damp out these sections. It was pretty amazing. I stopped and dropped a few PSI so that I could see how that felt. I am not dialed in enough to normally feel a few PSI and can't say that I did so I will have to do some future testing for that.

Wrap up: So although very limited I am currently very happy with my experience. I will certainly do a follow up once the trails start to be ridable again. I also will be able to share some Huck Norris info because I decided to buy a set for the front wheels of both the bikes and I should be able to provide some insight about my thoughts on both products.

Update - I have been riding the CushCore on both my Meta and Tues for a while now. Love them, love them, love them, hate them. I have been pretty lazy about tire pressure recently and I knew I was getting carried away when I got home from a day at Killington and checked my pressures. 11 PSI in the front and 8 PSI in the rear. Now I knew I was running pretty low pressures that day and I kept saying on the lift up that I have to add more air at the top. I just kept forgetting to, even when I was squirming on berms and hearing faint pings of rock strikes to my front rim (not back front where I am running Huck Norris). So if I can get past the laziness of not checking pressures there will be no hating them, until I have to change a tire, then there will be far more hate than love. At least until I am done. 

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Product CushCore PRO Tire Inserts
Type Tire Liner, Flat Prevention/Insert
Features CushCore (Patented) is an engineered foam insert that mounts inside a bike tire. It divides the tire roughly in half, with CushCore next to the rim and a tune-able air pocket under the tread. It radically changes the way your bike interacts with the ground.

CushCore provides:
Faster, smoother ride through damping of compression and rebound forces.
Superior cornering by increasing lateral stability of the tire sidewalls.
Reliable rim protection and flat prevention.

The original full-performance version CushCore PRO allows you to push the limits of your tires and suspension to new levels. The best choice for the majority of wheels, terrains, and riders.

CushCore PRO fits:
Tire widths: 2.1-2.6"
Internal rim widths: 22-35mm
  • 0 lb 8.6 oz (245 g)
  • 0 lb 8.8 oz (250 g)
  • 0 lb 9.2 oz (260 g)
Miscellaneous Kit includes:
- 2 CushCore inserts
- 2 CushCore tubeless air valves
- 4 rim stickers
- Instructions

Compatible with tubeless tires, rims, and sealants.
Specially designed tubeless air valves included in sets.
Weighs about the same as a standard butyl inner tube.
  • $149
  • $76
More Info

For more info, visit the CushCore website.

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