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Park Tool Chain Gang

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Simple, functional, dependable.

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The Good:

The "Cyclone" chain cleaner is easy to use and it does an acceptable job cleaning off old lube and dirt from my chain. The drivetrain brush is great for cleaning cassettes and chainrings. I can always get my chain looking clean again in under five minutes.

The Bad:

The wheels with the brushes spin on plastic stubs sitting in plastic slots, and after a while I've found that the brushes don't spin very well. The chain still gets scrubbed, but not as thoroughly. It would be better if there were a metal insert or something similar to prevent this.

Overall Review:

I've been using this kit for years now with great results. I don't usually use Park Tool's chain cleaning fluid; normal dish soap is less expensive and works fine. I've found that doing one cycle with soap and two with plain water will get almost any chain looking shiny again in under five minutes. The only problem I've had is what I mentioned above: the wheels with the brushes don't spin very well in their plastic slots. It's not a major issue, but it's annoying. Also, if you're rough on tools, watch out - I cracked one of these chain cleaners when I accidentally dropped it.

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Certainly sounds dependable...

Once I started using decent chain lube and after moving to SoCal, I never found a reason for using one of these. I hear that UBI discourages the use of them and even discourages the use of degreasers and dish soap (the kind that cuts grease). They say it does more harm than good, stripping lubrication from where it's most needed, and that most lubes have trouble penetrating into the places, and offering enough lubrication where it's needed.

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Product Park Tool Chain Gang
Tool Type For the Garage
Features The CG-2.3 works on all derailleur bikes and many 3-speed and coaster brake bikes.

The Chain Gang includes:
  • CM-5.2 Chain Scrubber
  • GSC-1 GearClean™ Brush
  • 8 oz. bottle of ChainBrite™
  • Miscellaneous A dirty drivetrain causes poor shifting and unnecessary wear to expensive parts. The Chain Gang contains everything needed to quickly and easily clean the chain, freewheel cogs, and chainrings.

    ITEM # CG-2.3
    Price $34.95
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