Cane Creek DB Coil CS Rear Shock

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Unlimited Tuning Options

The Good:

Tons of options with tuning, climb switch, consistency through stroke

The Bad:

Tons of options with tuning, weight (worth it though)

Overall Review:

Rode 2 seasons on the climb switch version of this shock pairs with a Transition, and transformed the bike into a mini downhill bike that was predictable with loads of grip. The unlimited tuning options can be viewed as a good or bad thing. Some people are more set and forget vs the opposite end of fiddling and tweaking with suspension based style or location of riding. I fall into the former category and the shock still worked great. I did find myself adding or subtracting some rebound dampening depending on where I rode, but the base tunes found on their site are a good initial start based on leverage ratios. The climb switch I found was great as it didn't completely lock out the shock but rather was firm with a little give for grip. Pair the shock with a Valt or Ti coil and you have a small weight penalty that is completely worth the predictability and grip of a coil shock.

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Product Cane Creek DB Coil CS Rear Shock
Riding Type Enduro / All-Mountain, Freeride / Bike Park
Spring Type Coil
External Adjustments Climbing mode switch (on/off), high and low speed compression, high and low speed rebound, spring preload
Available Sizes 185mm x 50mm
185mm x 52.5mm
185mm x 55mm
200mm x 50mm
200mm x 57mm
205mm x 57.5mm
205mm x 60mm
205mm x 62.5mm
205mm x 65mm
210mm x 50mm
210mm x 52.5mm
210mm x 55mm
216mm x 63mm
222mm x 63mm
222mm x 66mm
222mm x 70mm
225mm x 70mm
225mm x 75mm
230mm x 57.5mm
230mm x 60mm
230mm x 65mm
240mm x 76mm
250mm x 70mm
250mm x 75mm
Weight 1 lb 0 oz (454 g)
Miscellaneous Climb Switch (CS) technology adjusts both low speed compression and low speed rebound damping
Double Barrel (DB) Twin Tube independent compression and rebound in two high-speed and four low-speed damping circuits
Induction-hardened 4130 steel shaft
Shaft diameter: 8mm or 9.5mm
Anodized and laser etched finish
Norglide bushing 1/2" universal axle mounting interface
Listed price and weight are without coil spring; weight varies by size
All shocks are built to order by hand in North Carolina
Price $670
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