Maxima Chain Pro Dry Lube

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Another Quality Chain Lube

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Easy Application, Competitive Price, Clean and Quiet Chain

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There are none

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Maxima Chain Pro Dry Lube

              This particular chain lube is of the dry variant which works well in the general conditions of the Southeast U.S.. I chose this one because of the primarily dry weather I ride in and also because I like how the dry lubes help keep the chain pretty clean looking. I apply this like any other lube by spinning my cranks backwards in the tallest gear followed by a quick wipe down.

              It goes on well and have kept my chain quiet so far, I do not have to apply it any more often the the Rock-N-Roll dry lube that I have been using. It seems to be doing it job well for the price that is comparable with many other lubes on the market. I believe the biggest part of making a chain last its longest is just general care.

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Product Maxima Chain Pro Dry Lube
Type Lube
Features Ultra-clean formula designed for use in dry conditions
Promotes smooth shifting
Quiets chain
Reduces wear
Long lasting
Easy application
Ideal for everyday use
Miscellaneous CHAIN PRO is a ultra-clean formula bike chain lube designed for use in dry conditions. Surface active chemistry promotes smooth shifting under load, quiets chain noise and significantly improves life of driveline. Fast penetration and setup promotes a clean, trouble-free operating environment in dry, dusty conditions..
Price $9.95
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Maxima USA Website

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