ION E-Pact Elbow Pad

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Product ION E-Pact Elbow Pad
Riding Type Downhill, Freeride / Bike Park, Other (All Mountain / Enduro)
Pad Type Soft Shell
Material HD_Memory_Foam with hardcap, Super_Perforator_Neoprene, Power_Aramid upper material
30% Neoprene, 15% Nylon, 15% Polyester, 30% EVA, 10% Polyethylene
Forearm Pads
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Color Black, Combat Red, Grey Melange
Miscellaneous Updated sleeve construction using very breathable Super_Perforator_Neoprene.

3D-shaped Ionic_Fit
The human body is neither cylindrical nor symmetrical. Thus, you have to forget about flat 2D patterns. We use our expertise in tailoring body-fitting wetsuits to shape anatomic fitting pads for a natural riding position.

Power_Aramid upper material
Power_Aramid is a synthetic fiber originally developed by DuPont. Today it’s used for a range of applications from bulletproof helmets via tires to bow strings. It offers outstanding tear resistance and tensile strength.

HD_Memory_Foam with hardcap
High-density foam absorbs the energy of the impact in case of falling.
Price $79.95
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Have you ever gone for a downhill ride and kept your arms straight? Neither have we. That is why we designed the E-Pact with a pre-shaped, almost 90° angle to reduce fatigue and provide a wrinkle-free fit. ION knows about the pros and cons of visco elastic foams. But freedom of movement is the most important function an elbow guard needs to offer. So ION went back and integrated the simple but unmatched hard cap in combination with high quality memory foam padding for optimal protection and comfort. 

Fore more information, visit the ION Products​ website.

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