The 2014 Enduro World Series Kicks Off in Chile 5

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450 riders from 23 different countries got their first taste of dirt at the 2014 Enduro World Series in Chillean, Chile, and boy was it good! Mesmerizing, high-alpine vistas tower over singletrack winding through blazing fall colors to provide an other-worldly backdrop for a battle among the fastest mountain bikers on the planet. We can make fun of the Enduro craze until our chains fall off, but there's no denying that the scenery, terrain and riding at this race is unparalleled. Watch the show, then book a flight to Chile for yourself.

Thanks to Sven Martin and Dave Trumpore for their globe-trotting story.

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C50_screen_shot_2015_03_09_at_2.10.12_pm_1425936051 sspomer 4/17/2014 11:41 PM

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holy shit...finally got a chance to watch this....absolutely bonkers...god damn! you two absolutely CRUSHED it....well done....

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Wow, that looks great. Excited for this year's EWS. Thank you as usual for the excellent pictures and coverage, Vital.

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awesome slideshow...thanks Sven and Dave.
So bummed about Josh C. hope it's nothing serious.

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