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THE CLOSEST EVER! Enduro World Series Les Orres Race Slideshow 4

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Winning by less than a second, the Eddie Masters went two better than his previous best EWS result, and cemented his standing as one of the fastest enduro riders currently on tour by winning the Les Orres, France race. After two days of hard-fought racing, his win validated his decision to come to Les Orres instead of race at the World Cup DH in Vallnord, Andorra.  YEAH EDDIE!In the women's field, Isabeau finished with a comfortable enough lead, even though Raphaela Richter took two stage wins off the Frenchwoman and was knocking on the door here in Les Orres.

A big thanks to Seb Schieck and Rick Schubert for delivering the EWS goods while Sven and Boris choke on dust in Andorra!

The Enduro World Series stops in Whistler, B.C. for the 6th round in mid-August.

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sspomer sspomer 7/8/2019 4:47 PM

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Hey guys if you can make sure to at some point explain how the Liaisons are laid out for these Enduro events and how they play a role and strategy penalties number of crimes things like that just kind of helps me picture the struggle better

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I do. Just when I see the Vital slideshow, would be nice to read in the first few slides "long, hot grueling climbs set the stage today" or "as the day unfolded, this transition or that transition was exhausting due to a climb of "x" . Not looking for the entire layout like on the EWS recap, just a note of context before I start scrolling through all the rad pics.
Plus, one thing no one really mentions about all these EWS stages is the climbs? All the enduros have a stage or stages with some sort of punchy or extended climbs somewhere in them don't they? Do they split the field on them? I saw video of the Whistler one last year and there was a beefy rocky, root one that u would have thought blew open the field but never saw a report mention it.

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It would be super interesting to know who is gaining/losing time and where, but on 8-13min tracks with only a few hundred meters covers by the media it’s impossible to know without split times being available. I know quite a few racers who are curious to know as well but for now the only info available is total stage time. Riders might report that they crashed or flatted but there’s no data to show how riders are separated during the stage itself. Splits would be pretty cool especially if they corresponded to specific key sections of a track, but the substantial length, number, and location of stages is likely prohibitive.

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