SHIRTS OFF ON THE ROCK! Canadian Open Downhill Insanity 4

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The Canadian Open at Crankworx is just as much about the racing as it is the fans and the heckling. Just when you thought Crankworx was over, the real DH event takes place and the craziest of fans come out to cheer on downhilling. Enjoy the riding, the blood, the partial weird nudity and the end of another kick ass Crankworx!
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C50_profile_1487817150 bturman 8/20/2013 11:15 AM

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The belligerent pirate heckler with a bloody forehead was so hilarious i want be go to whistler and party on the mountains.

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it from these guys:

i was going to link the website, but it's all in german so i have no idea where the actual stickers are

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