Pro Bike Check: Matt Thompson's Santa Cruz Quiver 7

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Matt Thompson is a good, long-time friend of Vital. In fact, he's probably the reason Vital MTB exists. Sometime back in 2008 when gordo was making littermag, Matty told gordo about the Vital MX slideshows which prompted gordo to reach out to Vital about making an MTB site. The rest is history.

Matt is a staple of the Colorado MTB scene and has been racing bikes since the days of cantilever brakes and elastomer forks. He earned a Masters Downhill World Champs title in 2012 and when he's not racing, he's making MTB trails around the world with Momentum Trail Concepts.

Dig into Matt's current quiver of Santa Cruz bikes...all of which run flat pedals. YEW! -spomer

Photos by Jeff Cricco

Santa Cruz V10c

Santa Cruz 5010c

Santa Cruz Jackal


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sspomer 7/10/2015 7:50 AM

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So how about a Vital OTB with Sram/Santa Cruz for this setup... I mean what else would you want?

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