History Made - Fort William World Cup Downhill Race Show 5

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The results tell the story of history made during the UCI World Cup Downhill in Fort William, Scotland. Greg Minnaar becomes the first racer to win on a 29er, he nabs his 7th Fort William victory and his 20th career World Cup win. The sharp side of the story shows an all-time win streak come to an end as Rachel Atherton is forced to the sidelines with an injury sustained in training. Wheel sizes be damned, the results are because of the talent, strength and skills of the world's fastest mountain bike racers. Sven Martin, Boris Beyer and Dan Hearn tell the tales.

Thanks to Sven Martin, Boris Beyer and Dan Hearn for the story telling all week!

sspomer 6/4/2017 9:23 PM

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Reference the comment to the Miriam Nicole picture, complaints when its too easy, complaints when its too hard. Its Fort William, its never going to be easy. If you think about it, the more riders going downthe track the more difficult it would be for the next man, so surely last man down gets the hardest track.... Greg Minaar never complained once. And Mr Gwin was moaning before he had even ridden it.
Did we not do enough work to prepare the track in the first place...? Time to TTFU I think..........

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This is where you are wrong. No one complained about the actual technical sections. It was the man made flat transition sections between. Problem areas and potential problem areas were noted and pointed out to uci after track walk, training and qualifying. Some sub standard work fixing said sections was done half heartedly one of the days. And you would be wrong in thinking it was only a few complaining. These were man made sections that needed work to make track raceable and safe. More than one broken collar bone from the one axel deep rut littered with boulders. Not cool and avoidable.! If this was your marshal area you would not have stood for it and would have sorted it out. Maybe time to roam a bit more

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Sven, I know the sections you're referencing must not have made the final cut? Or can you point them out. I know they weren't fun to film, but is there a place we can see/watch the bad stuff?

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