First Time Senders at Red Bull Rampage 2013 11

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As building concludes, riders grab their bikes, hike to the top and drop into their MASSIVE hits at Red Bull Rampage, the gnarliest of all freeride contests. This year is HUGE!

Photos by Brandon Turman, Dave Trumpore, Ian Collins and Fred Robinson
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C50_profile_1487817150 bturman 10/12/2013 2:32 AM

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All these lines and features look like they end in an E.R. I hope everyone is able to pull their lines together. Insane, so get right with your Maker and send it!

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This might be the single most incredible bike competition of all time.

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Jackson just proved he is even more badass as world asumed he is!

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Vitals content is unreal. Real storytellers. Wish I was in Utah for this year's Rampage. It looks like it could be the biggest one yet.

Zink going huge
Gully's line
Brendog's gap is unreal
Antoine, double flipping?
Van Dine

All the lines are massive.

Best of luck to all the riders.

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