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First Look: Push Industries Elevensix Coil Shock - Exclusive Behind the Scenes Feature 18

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After over a decade of tweaking, tuning, and improving other suspension products, Push Industries is pleased to present their first shock. The Elevensix combines the best parts identified over years of tuning experience, and is intended to meet the needs of hard charging, long travel trail bike riders.

We had the exclusive opportunity to visit Push at their Colorado headquarters to see how the Elevensix is made. Step inside to learn all about this high end, custom tuned performer.

Visit for complete details. The Elevensix retails for $1,200, and is only available for a select list of bikes at this time.

Photos by Brandon Turman

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bturman bturman 2/20/2015 1:29 PM

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Now develop some carbon springs to make it even lighter than an air shock.

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Actually, the company that is making their spring already has carbon springs that it supplies to Formula 1 and other motorsports.

Here is a carbon spring shown on a Fox shock from another company:,8119/MW-Industries-Carbon-Composite-Bellows-Shock-Spring,82137/bturman,109

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Congratulations to Darren and crew. This shock is a pretty inspirational piece, at least to me. I love seeing guys go all the way, making no compromises when it comes to performance, mfg tolerances, cost and customer support.

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So much going on in suspension! PUSH, O'hlins and now this.

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That's pretty sweet. Good on them for setting out to become more than a tuning company and emerging with their own product.

Also, Darren is a pretty good salesman for being a technical guy. I had the pleasure of taking a PUSH Tuning class from Darren years ago and it was pretty enlightening. It was my first real "whoa" moment about suspension setup, maintenance, and function.

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Cool design, and thank you for keeping an IFP. This shock should last for years without a rebuild.
Sure, it is expensive, but if you are a competitive enduro racer, you get what you pay for here, the best performing shock available (I can only assume at this point) for that use. Cool product for it's intended use. I'd take one in a Guerilla Gravity Megatrail.

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Nice work, PUSH. Good to see someone paying some much needed attention to the AM coil shock market. Any possibility of a remote lever?

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I'm so glad to see this is out there. I probably won't buy one or can use it to it's full potential, but it's amazing to see the process. Good job Push!

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"the first shock that has a lever that doesn't change the overall damping characteristics of the shock" (paraphrasing)

Um what? I thought that was the whole point.

He should have explained what 'full support' for the thing means to the buyer.

But damn good job on the piece. Way more informative than the other subpar websites. smile

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I second the fantastic coverage, well done Vital. Way more thorough and in-depth than other sites on the interwebz. Also, pretty sweet that you have a direct line of contact to the dude who built your shock. That's very impressive.

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Looks pretty cool be curious to hear what happens if you sell the bike to another? Is it as simple as "Race Tech Gold Valve" swap to alter the shock for another rider? How are they to rebuild can this be done at home or ship them back to Push?

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