Developing the Santa Cruz V10 Carbon Swingarms 3

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Greg Minnaar and Steve Peat of the Santa Cruz Syndicate are running completely new carbon V10 downhill bikes for Val di Sole this weekend. Get your questions answered with this complete, in-depth look, featuring video we've had to sit on since April!
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C50_screen_shot_2015_03_09_at_2.10.12_pm_1425936051 sspomer 8/17/2011 11:04 PM

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Would love to see some behind-the-scenes on the lab testing they mentioned - I geek out over that stuff!

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Hmmm... if your average DH frame weighs around 10 (ish) lbs (and I know the stock V10c is lighter), this is a significant percentage when they're fighting for fractions of a second at races. I'm all for the idea of custom "factory" bikes, as the tech. does eventually trickle down to consumers. However, as a consumer I also understand "race day" products vs. the durability needed for something I'll use all season or for years.

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