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e*thirteen's base and plus pedals are back and better than ever. Now lighter, just as durable, and even more affordable, these bad boys might be under your riding shoes pretty soon.

e*thirteen Pedals Return!

FANS OF THE ORIGINAL LG1 PEDALS, REJOICE! The new Base and Plus pedals are lighter, just as durable and significantly more affordable. Using the same pin placement as the LG1 pays homage to the classic, and provides that superior grip riders can count on.



  • 22 replaceable pins, placement inherited from the original LG1 pedal
  • CONCAVE BODY - increases traction through the rough stuff
  • SLIM PROFILE - minimized overall height to help avoid rock strikes on long, low, slack bikes
  • COLORS - Black, Red, Blue


Weight: 392g (pair)
Material: Composite
Build: Inboard bushing, with one outboard bearing
MSRP: $48.95 USD


Weight: 410g (pair)
Material: CNC-machined aluminum
Build: Large inboard bearing, with two outboard bearings
MSRP: $139 USD



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e*thirteen 6/25/2019 5:28 PM

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Stoked! The OG pedals were stickier than the stickiest icky. New pins are similar so these should be sweet.

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I'm disappointed to see the large inboard bearing, you'll end up standing on it at some point in a race run and it will keep your shoes from full pin penetration. My favorite part of the old pedals was the uncompromising grip (with the longer than standard pins) no matter where your foot was placed and the uninterrupted platform was the main reason for that. The lack of a raised inboard bearing on the old pedal essentially afforded me an extra and necessary 10ish mm of usable platform for my larger than average foot wearing 5.10 Impact shoes. What is the platform size on the new Plus model pedals and are longer pins available from E-13?

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"SLIM PROFILE - minimized overall height to help avoid rock strikes on long, low, slack bikes" - can we get an actual measurement here? with the current crop of thin pedals and knowing how much of a difference it can make - being able to actually compare would be great.

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The dimensions are on the article. 18mm at the inner bearing and what looks like 16mm overall height along the rest of the pedal body. What I can't understand is how this is considered "concave" if all the dimensions show 16mm. That's what I would consider flat.

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