Urge Releases Full 2020 Helmet Line 2

With an Earth-friendly approach, Urge has helmets released for all. From Enduro-bro full-face lids to convertible helmets, to kids' helmets and all stops in-between, Urge is covering everybody.

Urge Releases Full 2020 Helmet Line

In 2018 Urge celebrated its first decade in business and each additional year has made us realize how important it is to reduce the impact on the environment related to our hobbies.

More than ever, it urges us to protect our planet and we pooled all our knowledge to deliver you the best protection and style in the most eco-responsible way.

With the 2020 collection, we managed to manufacture all our helmets using mainly recycled materials. On this earth, we have already generated too many plastics and synthetics, it’s far more intelligent to reuse them rather than continue making more!

About 85% of the structure of our helmets are made from these materials: EPS (polystyrene shell), ABS (visor and chin strap), PET (straps). In addition, our packaging is made of single-color cardboard.

In 2020 we continue to slay the useless: we will thus remove all plastic packaging, moisture bags and other superfluous components. Finally, our helmet bags will now be made from a compostable starch.

Urge Bike Products is a small, French brand but we, as passionate manufacturers and riders, try to protect and respect the environment as much as we can.

Count on us to continue upsetting the bike industry and defending the cause of environmental protection because it's a part of our DNA!

See you on the trails!


2019 bestseller with a new paint job! At the highest point of versatility thanks to its detachable chin bar it is the perfect partner for all adventurers looking for comfort and extra security on long daily trips into unknown horizons. MSRP $163 USD


The Venturo effect optimizes airflow inside the helmet to feel fresh all day long. Very well ventilated, light, with an occipital ring and a rigid visor, this newborn in the Urge bp family is an excellent partner to start the MTB adventurer to push harder on the trails and following the path of skilled riders. MSRP $53 USD


Because kids also have the right to shred and start following their parents on their favorite singletracks, give them the best protection with this modern, comfortable and lightweight helmet. Perfect for family rides or pump track sessions with friends! MSRP $43 USD


If for you, like most of us, your mountain bike experience is set between XC, all-mountain and trail, this SeriAll helmet will satisfy you beyond expectation. MSRP $86 USD


The wild, epic and infinite singletracks we’re all addicted to are made for this helmet. This represents an everlasting quest for passionate bikers. MSRP $108 USD

The best all-rounder aiming at a large spectrum of use and hungry for action. Light and comfortable, you'll forget very quickly that you're wearing a helmet! MSRP $65 USD


The Endur-O-Matic 2 is the ultimate helmet, as far as protection, ventilation, comfort, and eco-friendliness are concerned. Once you try it you'll never forget about it. MSRP $152 USD


Wide field of view to easily fit any goggle on the market, wisely placed vents, reasonable weight and as usual with Urge bp, really comfy inner pads. The best quality to price ratio for a full-face helmet on the market. Also available in kids' sizes. Start your gravity adventure with the Drift! MSRP $86 USD


This is the helmet any enduro racer could wish for. It answers all his/her needs and it’s the result of our convictions when pushed to their limits. The BEST protection in the worst imaginable crash situation. MSRP $283 USD


Made from our unequaled technology of fiberglass linen composites, the DOWN-O-MATIC RR is one of the lightest, high-end helmets on the market. Designed, improved, and worn by the legendary Fabien Barel, it's the best protection a downhill racer can get. MSRP $327 USD


A perfect helmet made for bike park riding sessions from our sharpest knowledge at a very good quality to price ratio. MSRP $185 USD

Want more?! Head to for full colors, specs, and more. 

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