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We have the pleasure of introducing to you our all-new Carbonjack Enduro Frame. The in-house design process makes this frame unique and, in our opinion better than anything else on the market!  Building on the success of the previous model, the most obvious update are the 29-inch wheels but there's also a completely new design which shows our vision for the future and unique "Golden Ratio Geometry".


  • 29-inch wheels
  • 150mm rear travel
  • 160-170mm suggested fork travel
  • Floating Damping System (FDS) Suspension
  • 210x55 rear shock
  • Threaded or press-fit 92 bottom bracket
  • 30.9 Seatpost
  • 2.6-inch tire clearance
  • Lifetime warranty to original owner
  • Available in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes
  • Frame MSRP 3,499 Euro


Our floating damping system is patented. No shock mounts in the front triangle or swingarm means better stress distribution. A simple and effective suspension design with unique shock access combined with lightweight and aggressive geometry will improve your riding skills dramatically, before you realize it.

The new Carbonjack is faster, longer and slacker but the well-balanced geometry keeps it stable and fast on burly enduro trails.  We believe our "Golden Ratio Geometry” is the best overall geometry that  we  have ever designed. Why? Because the proportions between the front and rear triangles are most effective for the type of riding the Carbonjack is designed for. Our special balance distribution between the front center to chainstay means better rider mass distribution, it doesn’t matter whether you are climbing or descending. The new Carbonjack   geometry gives the rider confidence to progress.



The new Carbonjack has a pedal friendly, effective 74.4 degree seat tube angle and 65 degree head tube angle. The geometry will be optimized with a 160mm fork and a recommended 44mm short offset. This allows for a longer trail measurement improving riding stability and translating into a more playful ride, greater confidence and added front tire in the corners.


Overall, the new Carbojack is faster, more stable but still playful. The frame will give you confidence to progress and take on new challenges on the trail. Head to for more details and availability.

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BHowell BHowell 3/2/2020 12:00 AM

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Everyone keeps saying this. I doubt its true *if* you buy the fender from them, too. Clearly, this should be stock, but plenty of designs have placed a shock closeish to the tire with no consequence so long as you are smart with the whole covering-the-shaft (that's what she said) part of it.

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Maybe the comment is on the 55mm stroke for a ripping enduro bike? I see blowouts in the future.... Or just a lot of heat. But whatever, it is optimized.

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55/150 isn't crazy. I think the new S Enduro is 60/170 - way higher, and no reported issues really.

The "other site" has an entire angry mob about this shock placement, as if putting the shock there may open middle earth and cause anti-matter to start spewing out. (seriously, people are really upset about it...)

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Also, it's a nice looking bike but from an engineering point of view, the cut outs, etc aren't the most efficient way to use carbon fibre in terms of weight and strength. Large section monocoque structures are.

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On what basis? It's fairly common knowledge that large cross-sections are used around the BB to make the lightest and stiffest frames. Especially noticeable on XC bikes. Likewise, bigger tubes are stiffer for the same weight, as demonstrated by 35mm bars.

I'm happy to be proven wrong, but stating that you disagree, without giving a counter argument doesn't achieve anything.

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I didn't counter argue because it was clear that that was what you wanted. But if you really want my reasoning, just look at that Massive cross section on the seat tube. If you want any more argument go to Beige Bike.

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