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Shimano Launches Updated 2020 Footwear Line 9

A plethora of new kicks for the gravity, enduro, cross-country, and bikepacking crowds, Shimano has updates for all types of mountain bikers.

Shimano Launches Updated 2020 Footwear Line

Cross Country

Shimano has redesigned the mid-level XC5 and XC5W (SH-XC501) women’s cross-country mountain bike shoes for 2020 to deliver more comfort, stability, and grip. The new XC5/XC5W like the RC5 siblings utilizes a one-piece composite material for the upper construction that improves comfort. The shoe’s design lowers the stack height which improves stability.

Shimano’s exclusive, grippy Michelin rubber outsole design has cascaded down from the premium XC7 shoe for the new XC5/XC5W. The outsole’s rubber compound provides optimal grip and traction in different parts of the outsole.

XC5 Blue
XC5 Black
XC5 Women's
  • Breathable composite synthetic-leather/mesh/TPU upper
  • BOA L6 micro-adjust dial closure
  • Stiffness rating: 7 of 12
  • Shimano Dynalast
  • Sizes: 36-44 in Women’s and 40-48 Men’s standard and wide
  • Colors: XC5W – Navy Blue; XC5 – Black, Blue
  • Weight: 340g
  • MSRP: $160

Gravity and Enduro

Shimano’s flagship AM7/AM7W (SH-AM702) and AM9 (SH-AM902) gravity/enduro shoes were redesigned for 2020. Along with the new 2020 Shimano GR footwear, the new AM9 and AM7/AM7W shoes feature a new proprietary Shimano rubber outsole with an original compound and tread pattern that maximizes grip and durability. The outsole design has several unique features: A wider contact area optimized to connect with Shimano SAINT PD-M820 pedals; toe/heel tread patterns designed for walking traction, a new extended pedal channel providing a stable shoe to pedal platform when not clipped in as well as cleat position and adjustment range with more rearward range specifically tuned for gravity riding.

The AM9 (SH-AM902) maximizes protection for the abuse that extreme gravity riding conditions present. An armored lace shield provides extra protection from debris, covering the speed lacing system which allows fast, secure adjustments. A molded toe-cap shields the front of the foot while an asymmetrically raised padded ankle collar and sidewall guards against the drivetrain. The new AM9s also absorb less water and dry quickly.

  • Stiffness rating: 6 of 12
  • Volume Tour last
  • Sizes: 37-48
  • Colors: Black, Navy
  • Weight: 375g
  • MSRP: $160

Rounding out the new footwear additions, the ME5 trail and enduro shoe is now offered in an additional Shimano Blue color for 2020. 


New GR9 and GR7 Gravity footwear

The GR9 and GR7 flat pedal Downhill/Enduro shoes were redesigned for 2020 and offer improved grip as a central new feature thanks to a new Michelin rubber sole compound.

Both shoes also offer enhanced protection from a TPU reinforcement layer, robust toe cap and asymmetrically raised padded ankle collar. The shoes are available in new navy or black (GR9) and yellow or black (GR7) colors and new GR7W is women’s specific and available in grey/blue.


MT701 Hikeable mountain bike shoe

The mountain bike specific MT7 is a versatile cycling shoe built for mountain touring, hike/bike adventures or bikepacking. Both versions come with a BOA L6 dial, a rubber sole and shock-absorbing EVA midsole for pedaling efficiency and walking comfort.

MSRP $140


Head to Shimano's site for more pictures and information on the shoe line.

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BHowell BHowell 9/4/2019 8:10 AM

9 comments newest first

What I've always liked about Shimano footwear has been the lace covers. In absolutely wet rides/races, these covers definitely help. The old Vibram soles were not grippy, though. I hope these Michelin ones are better.

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The lace cover on the newest 2018 AM9 does nothing for wet. It's got slits in it & the top of the toe box has air holes throughout. It gets tons of water in it. You might be thinking of the old DX. Edit: The 2020 AM9 lace cover got rid of the slits, but it still has those stupid vent holes on top of the toe box so on rainy/muddy/puddle days in the park/trail/race, you'll still get your feet soaked, especially in cooler temps, which most mountains are. Still a Socal shoe.

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I stand semi-corrected. You're right that they made some changes. They still did the stupid holes on top of the toe box. Gravity is wet, muddy & bike parks & lift rides are damp & cold. Makes no sense to have a DH specific shoes with cooling holes on the top of the toe box. Just dumps water in the shoes. They did seal the slits on the lace cover & make black again (although they put that ugly blue accent stripe down the heel).

| Reply

"Gravity is wet, muddy & bike parks & lift rides are damp & cold." No, not everyone lives in uncomfortable humid environment. And most people are doing their sports (be it biking, hiking, or climbing) in fair weather.

| Reply

I hear you on the blue stripe gripe. I actually went to the effort to paint it black but that ended up looking worse. Oh well. As far as the vent holes go I love them as it gets pretty hot in the desert here and most of my rides aren’t the mythical mud filled shred fests you refer to. I have a pair of old Shimano am 45s for those days.

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