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We built the Range stem for the tech nerd in all of us. Back when we started mountain biking the biggest piece of technology we brought on our rides was our bike’s suspension, but as tech becomes a bigger part of our daily lives it’s showing up on the trail too. “Pics or it didn’t happen,” they’ll say. While we like taking the time to unplug, we can’t deny watching GoPro clips of the trail, or scanning the data from our most recent ride off our Garmin device is an alluring perk of the modern mountain bikers tool kit.


So first we started with a great 3D forged and heat treated alloy stem, we did our R&D throughout the trails of the Cascades from Squamish to Tiger Mountain and while we were out there and back in our offices we talked to our customers about what got them excited. Of course, they’d talk about their bikes, and the trails they were riding, and they would share videos, the PRs they hit on Strava and selfies from the top of the trail. These glimpses into our customers adventures gave us the idea to integrate the Range with an adjustable GoPro mount on the faceplate or the option for a Garmin attachment, so your bike can help you capture your ride and savor it later.


Range Stem Highlights 

  • 35mm or 45mm lengths
  • For 31.8mm handlebars
  • GoPro ($89) or Garmin Mounts ($94)
  • Weight: 153g
  • More info:
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PNW Components PNW Components 10/3/2017 6:09 PM

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How does the footage look when you're riding down some serious chunk? That trail at Duthie isn't quite WC rock gardens.

Great angle, but I'm wondering if you could put a one-axis gimbal on there to keep the camera focused forward / level through pumps / manuals

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Hey @jcook, great question. As with any action cam mount, if you're getting super rowdy, it's going to show. We've had great success for days like that using the Feiyu or EVO gimbal mounted to it. The footage above isn't using a gimbal, but it works well with one.

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I mean, they're out there already, but one thing I'd *love* that's not would be a spacer with a GoPro mount facing forward, and a Garmin mount on the backside of the spacer - 180* away from each other. Basically like a K Edge stem mount w/ GP mount on the forward side.

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