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FOX Releases Updated FIT4 Damper and New Bearing Shock Hardware 8

2020 FOX single-crown suspension forks receive an updated damper allowing greater tuning options, plus FOX adds an all-new bearing assembly for rear shocks.

FOX Releases Updated FIT4 Damper and New Bearing Shock Hardware

2020 FOX FIT4 Damper Update

On the compression side, all 2020 FIT4-equipped forks now feature an 8mm damper shaft, new bladder construction, and a reconfigured shim stack. The 8mm damper shaft has a smaller cross-sectional area, therefore it pushes less oil through the base valve, allowing for less damping. The updated FIT4 damper provides more sensitivity while also maintaining low-speed compression support during aggressive riding, giving riders the ability to tune their fork to feel playful, aggressive-or both.

The rebound side implements FOX's latest tuning improvements through a wider opening check valve and a reconfigured shim stack. The new FIT4 damper assembly construction is lighter as well, with an average weight savings of 35 grams.

8mm shaft compared to the prior model's 10mm shaft

This update is implemented on all 2020 FOX 32, 34, and 36 non-Step Cast fork models featuring FIT4 dampers. 2019 Step Cast fork models already feature this updated damper.

In its fourth generation, the patented FIT4 closed cartridge system provides three on-the-fly compression damping positions—Open, Medium, and Firm—to adapt to varying trail conditions. Factory Series forks feature 22 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment in the Open mode, allowing riders to fine-tune their exact damping preferences. FIT4 is the damper of choice for riders looking for a lightweight fork with lockout and loads of performance.

Roller Bearing Shock Hardware

Also new for 2020 is an 8mm x 30mm roller bearing rear shock mounting kit (part# 812-06-096-KIT). Deploying outboard-mounted full complement roller bearings—as opposed to standard bushings—allowing the shock to move more freely as the frame cycles through its travel. Roller bearings reduce friction and improve performance to such a degree that in some cases more rebound damping and/or low-speed compression damping may be needed in order to compensate for the decrease in friction.


The roller bearing shock mounting kit is compatible all current FOX rear shock models and it is also compatible with many popular brands such as Santa Cruz, Transition, and many others. A special tool is needed to remove the bearing kit from the shock—mounting hardware, bearing assembly installation and removal (part# 803-01-406). For installation instructions, click HERE.


To verify compatibility of this kit with your bike, please visit your local bike shop or call FOX customer service for additional assistance

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BHowell BHowell 8/14/2019 12:00 AM

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Everything DVO works out of the box. Everything FOX has a 100 upgrades and 100's of after market tuning options to get them working good.

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Well, great, let's use standard 6900 ball bearings and call them ROLLER bearings, 'cause the balls roll I guess, technically.....

| Reply

Technically... Or just misleading? I have a needle roller bearing from RWC in a super old fox shock, why not just use those?

| Reply

Yeah they should really change their literature! Roller bearings can take a lot higher radial load so I think aftermarket options might be way better than this kit.

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Who is this damper upgrade for? Who wants to update a Fit4 damper now that we have Grip2?
I welcom the roller bearing rear shock mounting kit though, if it fist my Yeti SB150.

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You’re in luck. Because of the shock extender the 150's X2 already pivots on cartridge bearings. I suppose you could use them on the frame mount but doubt it would make any difference as that end of the shock rotates fractions of a mm.

| Reply

Of course you are (both) right, thank you.
I never was really happy with my Fox36 FiT (2018) but really like the Grip2.

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