Alchemy Introduces the New NINE7FIVE Bike 7

Fresh ride alert! Cody Kelley to race the new 29x27.5 bike at US Nationals this week.

Denver-based Alchemy Bicycles introduces today one of the first production mixed-wheel full-suspension bikes, the Alchemy nine7five. The bike was raced by Alchemy EWS rider Cody Kelley at the last two EWS events in Italy and France. He plans to race the bike at the US National Championships this week in Winter Park, Colorado.


“Racers have been winning World Cups and Enduro World Series event on mixed wheel-size bikes, so there is no doubt there are performance advantages,” says Alchemy engineer Matt Maczuzak. “And it’s not just the quicker handling of the smaller rear wheel. The acceleration out of corners was the most noticeable feature.”

Alchemy will have four different price-point completes, with the GX Eagle-equipped models starting at $5,399 USD. All models will use Industry 9 Enduro S wheels and feature a specially designed link to accommodate the smaller rear wheel.“We knew this was going to be a purpose-build race bike for Cody Kelley,” continues Maczuzak, referencing Alchemy EWS racer Cody Kelley.” And he proved we hit the target by winning his first event on the bike. The nine7five has a degree slacker head angle versus our normal 29er model and with the smaller rear wheel, positions the rider’s body further back on the bike. It’s perfect for hitting tracks at speed and feeling comfortable."

"I am really happy with how the bike feels," says Kelley. "My comfort level on it was really high right away and I knew it would the go-to race weapon for me."  

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Alchemybikes 7/24/2019 6:00 AM

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Brent Foes ( has been making mixed 29/27.5 bikes for a number of years. the benefits have been there a long time. UCI basically legitimized the use of marketing for it now

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"The acceleration out of corners was the most noticeable feature" As opposed to what? They are existing wheel sizes but achieving noticeable results. That's some top level marketing bullshittin right there, hopefully it get's them a few sales.

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Mounting the headstem the other way around, to bring the handlebars behind the axis line of the fork steer tube! I'm sure a specific part can be made and marketed.....

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