2011 Highland Pro GRT DH Finals Results 7

Congratulations to Neko Mulally and Jill Kintner on their big wins at the Highland Pro GRT!

Neko charging hard with the finish just yards away. - Photo: Matt DeLorme

It was great day for Trek World Racing. - Photo: Matt DeLorme
In the Men's race, top seeded Aaron Gwin went down during his finals run but was able to maintain his composure and a second place finish.

Men's Top Five:
1 - Neko Mulally (Trek) - 2:20.95
2 - Aaron Gwin (Trek) - 2:23.45
3 - Justin Leov (Trek) - 2:24.70
4 - Curtis Keene (Specialized/SRAM) - 2:27.04
5 - Cody Warren (DRD/Intense/X-Fusion) - 2:27.69

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Jill had a commanding lead during qualifying and would have been hard to beat in the finals. - Photo: Matt DeLorme
Women's podium. Note the pink check! - Photo: Matt DeLorme
Women's Top Three:
1 - Jill Kintner (Transition/Red Bull) - 2:50.52
2 - Joanna Petterson (Specialized) - 3:01.30
3 - Lauren Daney (Specialized/Grom) - 3:12.35

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Full Pro Results:

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C50_profile_1487817150 bturman 5/15/2011 12:15 PM

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The future is looking real bright for world juniors! Let's say it now Connor fearon vs richie rude next year two powerhouses! And this Years battle of Troy and neko will be outstanding aswell! This is what we need for the sport to grow

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(the other pros) "i just got my ass kicked by a 17 year old...and we are barely saving our asses from a 16 year old......" -_-

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