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8/10/2018 1:12 PM

Can anyone recommend some foam to that will help stop my brake hoses from rattling around inside my frame so much? Preferably something available online. There are just too many options on amazon for different kinds, and I don't know what to get.

The ports in my frame don't secure the cables in any way, and they are going to rub through my plastic gravel bike eventually. Ideally I'd rather not disassemble and rebleed them, but rather just wrap the hoses where they come in and out. Will this work? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Sir HC
8/15/2018 1:14 AM

Jagwire housing damper, catapult tube, wrap with velcro, a/c insulation foam

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8/15/2018 10:16 AM
Sir HC wrote:

Jagwire housing damper, ...more

Thanks, man.

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8/15/2018 11:15 AM

I have used D shaped weatherstripping from Home Depot. The hose barely fit and had to be done with a clean end for lever. I will warn you I can be pain to get inside the bike depending on the opening the frame used. I have done it on two differnt Giants.

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