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C50_profile_1487817150 bturman Quote
9/15/2011 9:28 AM

Now that the 2011 World Cup season is over, it's time to start looking forward to 2012. We recently stumbled across a new twitter account (@teamrumours) that is taking a creative approach to spreading World Cup news - they are putting all of the rumors into cartoon form. This leaves a lot of room for interpretation, but if you guys think about it you'll likely be able to pick out the players and determine the scenario in each scene.

I'll try to repost the cartoons here from time to time since not everyone is on twitter.

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C50_dp Charleyboy14 Quote
9/15/2011 9:44 AM

I like the bottom one and is this from the guys behind @NotRockyRoads?

www.CharlesRobertsonPhotography.com If you get bored or have 5 mins spare

C50 bstens Quote
9/15/2011 11:38 AM

this is really good and will add to the lapse in time between now and april.


C50_89817310_1259786843 Condro Quote
9/15/2011 11:41 AM

Mountain biking is so high profile.

C50 bstens Quote
9/15/2011 11:41 AM

So, "A Day at the Races" let's interpret, MS evil chasing number 23 (Fairclough? / Payet?) which is chasing a Bulldog (Brooke Mcdonald)?

C50_89206450_1273782209 falconar Quote
9/15/2011 12:02 PM

These are great.

I feel like I'm reading Gawker Blind Items. Not that I read those or anything...

C50_386102_2173814633004_1475960730_31757318_2019332970_n cmontjumper Quote
9/15/2011 12:28 PM

these are great! dont really understand the second to last one though.. "sam hill is keeping the same sponsors" is all i can get from it.. am i right?

C50_75c87567b18742f636d9585ecab976fc_1483130912 Weeny Quote
9/15/2011 12:48 PM

I'd suggest 'A day at the races is MS/Evil (MS wearing his Red Bull plastic suit) & Martin Whitely in his Mahoosive motor chasing down either Bulldog Brook as has been said or maybe even Bren'dog'..

C50_fb_picture_703571810 Tyler_Hansen Quote
9/15/2011 12:51 PM

Sam Hill(funn/mad catz water bottle)... Trek World Racing(twr water bottle)... Sam's move... Trek offering him a spot?

C50 bstens Quote
9/15/2011 1:28 PM
Weeny wrote:

I'd suggest 'A day at the ...more

I think Weeny is spot on. I didn't even think about "Bren-dog"


C50_89971110_1266365822 davetrumpore Quote
9/15/2011 1:40 PM
Weeny wrote:

I'd suggest 'A day at the ...more

bstens wrote:

I think Weeny is spot on. ...more

Gwinn picks up Red Bull, no surprises there

MS and 23 Degrees both chasing Brook (with Martin dangling money in front of him).... it's not Brendan, he went the 23 degrees route once, and you wont see it happen again ;-)

Sam Hill (and Sean and Jayce since they are the "team") can basically go shop for sponsors and most likely likes where he's at

Troy B with some decisions to make for the future.... Fun vs. TWR and Captain 23

Lot's of big teams had their "B" team riders throw down with breakout years this past season... young guys are looking for money and teams with budgets are looking for fresh talent.

Should be a good shake up in the pecking order this winter

C50 piggy Quote
9/15/2011 1:55 PM

Brook's got a two year deal with MS.

C50_screen_shot_2012_11_05_at_9.33.32_pm Dynamatt Quote
9/15/2011 8:32 PM

I don't think the first one is Gwin, I think it's a red bull rider picking up Gwin's team and eating habits in order to get a win.

C50_2815784612_33f5a3d7f4 Jackass123456789 Quote
9/16/2011 1:00 AM

Last one:

Troy to Trek??

C50 axon Quote
9/16/2011 1:06 AM

any thort about the first one being gee u know like going gluten free plus hes a red bulll rider

C50_lrrrportrait_1426717648 Gweggy Quote
9/16/2011 1:35 AM

They should make rage-comics about the worldcup circuit ;-)

I can ride my bike with no handlebar!

C50_profile_1487817150 bturman Quote
9/16/2011 8:58 PM

Here's a new (updated?) one hot off the internet presses:

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C50_johan_1385064431 iceman2058 Quote
9/17/2011 10:02 AM

Yeah well and then there's this. What, Giant picking up Troy? Or Brendog?

C50_lrrrportrait_1426717648 Gweggy Quote
9/17/2011 11:50 AM

I guess Brendan, looks like he's doing a nacnac

I can ride my bike with no handlebar!

C50_johan_1385064431 iceman2058 Quote
9/17/2011 1:20 PM

Well, looks like a slopestyle course there on the right. Instead of the rainy alps...a couple of big tables?

C50_johan_1385064431 iceman2058 Quote
9/18/2011 3:27 AM

OK, now for the WTF moment of the day. The Athertons going to GT????

C50_89571830_1283638605 robertbbr Quote
9/18/2011 4:04 AM

Seems kind of disrespectful to Gwin's faith. Keep it classy Vital

C50_102212150_1275160603 DHtutor Quote
9/18/2011 7:32 AM

I think they are messing with our heads.... Damn you vital.. Cause NO way trek would offer more money then trek for Troy and saying that Brendan is going over to giant? Who would specialized have left but sam. Maybe its like baseball where they trade brendan for hart or something

C50_profile_1487817150 bturman Quote
9/18/2011 9:56 AM
robertbbr wrote:

Seems kind of ...more

Robert, these are not created by, nor influenced by Vital. They are all from the TeamRumours twitter account and have simply been reposted.

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C50_idaho_springs_scrub_1417305231 tstep Quote
9/18/2011 5:46 PM

first one is gee begging for a winter training plan and wondering how aaron got so fast

C50_screen_shot_2012_11_05_at_9.33.32_pm Dynamatt Quote
9/18/2011 10:27 PM

The sh22 drawing reminds me of Chad Reed, went privateer and kept all his sponsors and basically contracts in tact. Maybe monster/ spesh is parting ways and Sam will be going privateer except still getting all the usual race support?

C50_fb_picture_646860423 Daniel_Villa Quote
9/19/2011 8:15 AM

The red bull guy is Brook, MS and 23 degrees (you can see martin inside of the car) are going for brook. Of course TWR has more money to put on the rider. Gwin and Brook would make a furious team. Team to be afraid of!

C50_fb_picture_646860423 Daniel_Villa Quote
9/19/2011 8:16 AM

And the wings are not the wings of GT I gues... are the wings of TREK WORLD RACING!

C50_102212150_1275160603 DHtutor Quote
9/19/2011 8:51 AM

Maybe sam hill is putting specialized BACK on the shelf rather then taking it and putting in his sponsor cart

C50_profile_1487817150 bturman Quote
9/19/2011 10:42 AM

Like bikes? Hit Vital up on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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