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10/13/2015 8:19 PM

This picture describes all...

That's the last condition of my RS Sektor R Coil. For now, my plan is trying to repair it first. But, I have plan to buy new fork to replace this...but guys, I need help to decide for my next fork, and the candidates on my head are Suntour Auron and RS Sektor Gold. Those are pretty similar in price, but due to the experience with Sektor, I consider the Auron more than Sektor..So, what do you think guys? Or if you have other alternatives, please tell...


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10/14/2015 7:49 AM

I would go with the Auron. Better quality for the money in my opinion.

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Big Bird
10/14/2015 8:09 AM

Those threads look OK. Are you sure that it didn't just back itself out and all it needs is a good tightening?

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10/14/2015 10:59 PM
visser62 wrote:

I would go with the Auron. ...more

hmm....thanks man 1-0 now

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10/14/2015 11:04 PM
Big Bird wrote:

Those threads look OK. Are ...more

i've repaired it, and yes all i need was just tightening the top and it looks normal..but i still worry when use it in the, i think i will consider about new fork..

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10/19/2015 2:16 PM

I have a sr epicon tr and it is a great fork. Just got a new bike and it feels smoother than my rs revelation. My experience with suntour is good.

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10/21/2015 9:30 AM

I'ld say the problem was just a lack of maintenance!

My experience with Suntour is, that there's a huge difference in quality and the dampening isn't very good. Some of their forks feel nearly frictionless at first (some are just horrible out of the box) but on the trail they are quite slow and harsh.

I had a Sektor for 2 years and I was really happy with it, I rode a lot in the wet and on the local IXS Cup DH track and maybe changed lubrication oil 1-2 times a year, that was all it needed.
I've been riding a Pike since last year and it's obviously on another level, but in my mind the Sektor is the best "entry level" fork there is.

I can ride my bike with no handlebar!

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10/29/2015 9:28 AM

Can't speak to the Auron, but I love my Durolux RC2. It's the first Suntour fork I've had, and I was skeptical at first, but you couldn't beat the price (250 second hand, but new), so I took the plunge. Glad I did. It's sturdy as hell, the compression and dials make a definite difference, and they're easy to work on. Their thru axle QR system is the absolute best. Gotta love the full metal damper internals too, something RS doesn't have.

That being said, you can't really go wrong with Rock Shox. I'd say fix your first if you can, but if you have to get a new one, keep an eye out for people selling their SR as a take off- because they're uncomfortable with the brand. You're liable to get a good deal on a fork that's been very lightly, or possibly never, used.

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