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canon123456 canon123456
11/24/2016 7:26 AM


I am choosing to buy AM-enduro bike, and choose between a bike with an electric motor and a conventional bicycle. I wonder whether how those who already have an electric bicycle (strengths, weaknesses ), and those who have tried it before what is good on electric and what is not good I wonder also how to ride the trail descends on rocky paths ...


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Big Bird Big Bird
11/25/2016 7:12 AM

Just say NO to E bikes. Use your legs. It's why we ride.

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sasky115 sasky115
11/25/2016 7:35 AM

If you want a bike with a motor -> get a motorbike

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A.P. A.P.
11/25/2016 7:42 AM

I assume you are not trolling...

My friend has a Specialized Turbo LEVO and I tried it a little bit. Not enough to say I am really comfortable on the machine and perform a detailed analysis, but enough to answer here. He is absolutely crazy about this bike. He is a very strong and fit rider, but doesn't like to climb (he is a very good and strong climber, but doesn't enjoy it). To fully enjoy the potential of the terrain where he rides, he need to cover long distances, which are OK for epic weekend rides, but not for after-work short rides. That's part of the reason why he loves the eBike so much.

- Climbs unbelievably well, obviously...
- Rides like a bike. Contrarily to a widespread belief it doesn't roost like a MX and destroys trails because of the motor. I would say it is less damageable to the trails than a noob skidding all over the place and locking the rear wheel.
- Very well suited for very long rides that takes you far away or involves very long climbs.

- Trail access in some parts of the world (US mainly). It is a very sensitive subject and eBikes should not be ridden on trails only accessible to non-motorized vehicle.
- Heavy (~50lbs)
- Small lag (~1 sec delay between the moment you start pedaling and the moment the motor kicks in). When climbing, it means you are left pedaling a 50lbs bike for a couple pedal strokes. Makes it not very good for tricky climbs where you need to ratchet.
- Long chainstay because of the motor. The Specialized don't seem too bad in that regard though.
- You have to be very careful and gentle when shifting. If you don't, I guess there is a big risk of breaking chains and cassettes.

Would I buy one? No, it would never be my main bike and it is too expensive for a N+1 bike... I already have a nice AM/Trail bike, XC hardtail, road bike and BMX.

If money was not an issue, I could see myself buying an eBike as a N+1 or replacing the XC hardtail with one. It would certainly be fun to have one for super long rides like what I do in the fall once the lifts are closed. IMO, eBikes are not really interesting for trail centers on a small area. It's really a tool for accessing remote areas, involving long distances and long climbs. I could consider one for my wife however. That could be a good way to make riding enjoyable for both of us. The cost is quite high however.

I wouldn't be interested if I was living in the US because of the trail access issue.

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Gweggy Gweggy
11/26/2016 10:30 AM

I have ridden a Specialized Levo on my local trail for a few days and I think it's awesome!
The thing is, I wouldn't even consider replacing my Enduro bike with this, it's more like another discipline.

It does things very well that my Enduro bike sucks at and the other way around.
If you want to ride Enduro and only have money for one bike, buy a regular Enduro bike. But if you still have cash left, also buy a Levo, it's just great fun. I spend half the time riding up some of the steepest trails I know (and I know a lot all over Europe) because I was just blown away by how easy it coped with the challenge, it was a bit like riding a Trials motorbike.
I did a few runs on the local IXS Cup track, it was still good, because like most Specialized bikes it's a genuinely good MTB, but it felt slower than my Enduro bike, because most of the time I was above the 25km/h limit, so it was just a very heavy Trailbike. I thought it was great on tight and steep trails, because the plustires really grip there and it just powers out of every corner.
The only thing I really struggled with was offcamber roots, because its just heavy und you can't make yourself 'light' like you would on a regular Enduro bike.

If you just use it for easy access to your trails, it will become boring pretty soon, because the uphills are easy but boring and in the downhill you'll sometimes wish for a livelier bike.
But if you use it to go where your Enduro wouldn't take you or for down days when you don't feel like riding your regular bike it'll be great fun for a long time.

I can ride my bike with no handlebar!

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cmc4130 cmc4130
12/1/2016 6:36 PM
A.P. wrote:

I assume you are not ...more

Good points!!

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albequick albequick
12/12/2016 10:17 AM
canon123456 wrote:


I am choosing to ...more

Ihi these electric bikes are awesome and we'll sorted, they are an every day thing in holland.
I just Baught a bulls fs enduro. It brings mountain biking to a whole other level.
For me it is mostly about access, because I'm handicapped I have no feeling or controlled movement from the knees down, this bike allows me to get back out into nature like I used to be able to do its an amazing feeling, even with my physical limitations I'm already having more fun and going further than I ever have on a mountain bike

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albequick albequick
12/12/2016 10:22 AM



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albequick albequick
12/12/2016 10:23 AM
albequick wrote:

Climbing like a cripple, come ride with me you will see.

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Moosey Moosey
12/12/2016 11:30 PM

I work at a shop that carries Spec, when the Levo came out I was like everyone else and thought it was cheating and stupid blah blah blah. My manager let me take one out a demo it. It was really fun. We rode in a gully where there's a lot of steep ups and downs, and it transitioned well between the climbs and descents. It feels like a normal bike on the downs. It even jumps fairly well. For a certain type of riding it's a great bike. But to be honest, the most fun aspect of it was finding stupid steep stuff to try to climb up. It was a lot of stuff that you couldn't ride a normal bike on, or would be absolute hell on a normal bike. Like someone said earlier, it's almost a different discipline.

The real reason I'm in love with E-Bikes is because it opens up riding for those who otherwise wouldn't be able to, we have customers that are 80+ years old who thought their biking days were over hop on levos and ride like they used to. We had a customer who lost his legs and struggled to pedal a normal bike with his prosthetics hop on a levo and ride like he used to. We've had customers with heart conditions who were told they couldn't ride again get re-stoked on bikes thanks to e-bikes. There is a place for them.

All that being said, on the average trail, I'd take my stumpy over a levo anyday.

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sspomer sspomer
12/15/2016 9:19 AM

the coastal crew w/ their addition to the discussion

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canon123456 canon123456
1/4/2017 10:20 AM


If anyone has half minute time please fill out the survey on link:

we developing a new product for mtb cyclist, and this data are very helpful for us. So please fill the survey.


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albequick albequick
1/5/2017 12:39 PM

Here's my thing on electric bikes, I have no calf muscles and no ankle control zero! but I can climb a mountain like a mofo, and then bomb down it. You have to try it it's a whole different sport, not a mountain bike and not a dirt bike, a whole different skill set and a whole different thrill set.

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jimmypop jimmypop
1/6/2017 3:21 PM
albequick wrote:

Here's my thing on ...more

This is awesome and a big part of why we should support assistive technologies like this. Thanks for sharing!

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Crush Crush
1/13/2017 6:28 AM

Took one out for a test today. The Expert around Northern Beaches in Sydney.

Pretty damn cool but also some things to mention.

It's obviously amazing going up. It's ridiculous how easy you can go up snotty loose gravely hills and anything with a ledge better be big for it to be an issue. Crazy.

Down? Completely fine. Actually great, lots of grip, for me being an ex-moto guy the big tyres have lots of grip and all good there.... Weight is different and that's the first of my two somewhat negatives.

The weight kinda takes away some of the traditional mtb fun, and replaces it with a bashability. It's not as flickable, manual-eeeee etc... It's just heavier. Want to bunny hop over stuff? It wants you to hit it. Like riding a four stroke as opposed to a two stroke!

And then the engine, does great, but affects some things. The 25mph limit means on flat ground you could end up pedalling a heavy bike hard... or even popping wheelies, the motor kicks in... twisty single track with single pedals between trees, motor kicks in. Sure you'd get used to it, just different I guess.

Does go up and down like a billy goat tho. Will go back out with the Enduro tomorrow before a choice.. Wish it had 140 in the rear!

Cheers, Crush

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mojoronnie mojoronnie
1/27/2017 10:07 AM

I just bought a Levo pedal assist. The bike is bad ass. I also ride my other bikes too. Years of racing and motocross have taken their toll on my knees. This bike allows me to still get out there on the days when my knees say no.

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Crush Crush
1/27/2017 3:39 PM
mojoronnie wrote:

I just bought a Levo pedal ...more

How do you like it?

The fat tyres made me feel at home for sure! I think the weight actually helps it going fast down hill, and it handles tech stuff pretty well too I think. Not as playful but still feels piddly compared to a moto!

Cheers, Crush

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mojoronnie mojoronnie
1/27/2017 11:46 PM

I really like it. All of my other bikes are still 26". But now that I bought the Levo which is 650b+ I'm totally digging the larger wheels, especially the wider footprint. The extra weight actually makes the bike feel really planted when descending. I kinda dig it. I have no problem throwing around a 230b dirt bike, so a few extra pounds does;t bother me at all. Spesh made a killer bike, I'm stoked to have it.

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jeffrc604 jeffrc604
5/19/2017 10:24 PM

If it can provide enough torque to create enough giroscopic force to do moto whips I'm sold

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