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C50_image k.shiz Quote
2/16/2012 7:17 AM

I'm pretty sure the one Dave Wardell does at the end of an Earthed video is bigger? Either way, looks like a hoot.
C50_screen_shot_2015_03_09_at_2.10.12_pm_1425936051 sspomer Quote
2/16/2012 7:27 AM

so wait, is it an REI ad?

C50_cfc_sd_gene_simmons JimEG Quote
2/16/2012 7:28 AM

Looks like a MT Dewd commercial. Ick.

C50_image k.shiz Quote
2/16/2012 8:36 AM
sspomer wrote:

so wait, is it an REI ad?

I think it's actually an ad for super white folk having a good time?

C50_smileysmall Big Bird Quote
2/16/2012 8:42 AM

Is this a test of my Moderating skills K.Shiz? Our swarthy brothers have plenty of fun too.

Edited for spelling by The Iceman

C50 thesheik Quote
2/16/2012 8:44 AM
sspomer wrote:

so wait, is it an REI ad?

k.shiz wrote:

I think it's actually an ...more

are the two not synonymous?

C50_image k.shiz Quote
2/16/2012 8:54 AM
sspomer wrote:

so wait, is it an REI ad?

k.shiz wrote:

I think it's actually an ...more

thesheik wrote:

are the two not ...more


Bigbird- Don't worry, I found some affirmative action qualifiers in that channel. There's a dude breakdancing, an Asian gal, and an afro picking in this video:

C50_screen_shot_2015_11_17_at_9.36.27_pm_1447814462 sideshow Quote
2/16/2012 9:04 AM
They should have been been doing this to up the ante on the "extreme" factor...though I doubt park services would have been pumped on the mess.
C50_98617810_1269497434 CaptHappy Quote
2/16/2012 9:44 AM You might want to check that out!!

C50_johan_1385064431 iceman2058 Quote
2/16/2012 11:37 AM

If the internet was invented for porn, then clearly the GoPro was invented for lake jumping.

C50_johan_1385064431 iceman2058 Quote
2/16/2012 11:39 AM

Big Bird, I got so bored of having nothing to moderate here, I fixed your spelling for ya. :-)

Thanks Iceman. My computer tells me that I spell things wrong. But it wont tell me how to spell them right. Sometimes I just don't bother. As a mod. I'm always tempted to do that. But I'm not sure if I should. I guess I'll start. I don't know where to start with EvaHunter.

C50_downsized_picture0007 swilson669 Quote
2/16/2012 2:23 PM

this is my favorite rope swing vid...

C50_greenriver4.6.2013 Scott_Townes Quote
2/16/2012 7:42 PM

Ah man I've seen videos of these nuts that do that around Moab. It's so intense! Also, Wilson is out of his mind... and one of the best skiers ever.

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