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C50_sdr2_1385768238 ParabellumShane Quote
12/27/2012 4:53 AM

Anybody know where to find pivot bushings & bearings for an 09 Jamis Parker????

C50_smileysmall Big Bird Quote
12/27/2012 8:29 AM

Can we assume that you've already contacted Jamis?

C50_img_3214 Mountain Jerk Quote
12/29/2012 10:15 AM

I know where to find an 09 Jamis Parker for sale...

C50_p5pb7822729 PhluffheadPhanner Quote
12/30/2012 11:30 AM
Big Bird wrote:

Can we assume that you've ...more


C50_smileysmall Big Bird Quote
1/1/2013 6:22 PM

I don't get it. What do you mean by "This?". Was that a typo?

C50_p5pb7822729 PhluffheadPhanner Quote
1/2/2013 11:07 AM
Big Bird wrote:

I don't get it. What do ...more

No, no typo. I was more reiterating your original post. By saying "This?' I was more or less asking the same question that you originally asked.

C50_smileysmall Big Bird Quote
1/3/2013 8:33 AM

@ Phluff. Ah, yes yes, just so. Back to the original topic. If you can't get them from Jamis anymore, which would be pretty lame for a bike company, you can find almost anything at McMaster Carr. It's an industrial supply company. Remove the old parts and CAREFULLY measure all of the dimensions, as in with calipers, down to the thousandth on an inch, or millimeter. Then go to McMaster Carr and go through the lists until you've found the exact bits of the right material and dimensions. All the options they offer can get a bit confusing. But eventually you'll get there. The bearings, by the way, have a little code on the plastic seals that designates the dimensions.

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