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C50_fb_picture_689300099 socanadian Quote
10/31/2012 10:38 AM

Every rider should have to get on one to learn how to ride properly, especially a single speed. Once you learn to ride single speed you can do anything. I see to many beginners that spin and carry no momentum, with no momentum you can't climb or roll over things properly.
Rigid teaches you what you can roll over and ride its just a lot tougher on the body. Makes a person way smoother once you put a suspension fork on!
My thoughts! What are yours?

Mountain bike trail building and riding fanatic from Nanaimo B.C.

C50_fb_picture_718335592 jesse.edwards.75457 Quote
11/2/2012 8:29 AM

Yep, I agree. Spent a month on my SS Hardtail while my stumpy was in the shop and when I got back on the squisher it felt like cheating, going down anyway. SS builds your legs up too, cause you have to work your ass off when things get steeps. Dug out of the saddle climbing so much so that I'm selling the stumpy and going Steel AM hardtail. Full Suspension feels nice, but it's just not as exciting as hardtail riding, and wayyy more maintenance.

C50_smileysmall Big Bird Quote
11/2/2012 8:50 AM

Coming from the other side of things. I've been a downhiller since the mid nineties and haven't even had a high seat bike for a few years. I'm jonesing to get back on the trails for fun and fitness, but can't afford a fancy trail bike at the moment. I'm thinking of building up a hard tail niner, not to train my skills for suspension, but because I've already got the skills and just don't think that I really need the suspension any more. I'll stick with front suspension whatever I end up on.

C50_fb_picture_689300099 socanadian Quote
11/2/2012 9:07 AM
Big Bird wrote:

Coming from the other side ...more

You can get a ss bike fairly cheap. I spent $800(cdn) and got a rigid kona unit, nice steel frame. Then searched until i found a tora with remote lockout for for 150. It's been the perfect setup. Cheap, fast and easy to maintain.

Mountain bike trail building and riding fanatic from Nanaimo B.C.

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