Who Scrubbed It Best? Leogang World Cup Poll 21

A little battle before the battle.

Who Scrubbed It Best? Leogang World Cup Poll

The classic high-speed, left-hand step down hip on the Leogang World Cup DH course is a scrubber's dream. Most riders turn the bars, try to stay low and carry mental speeds into the landing. But a few riders actually lean the bike, wash out the rear a bit, spray some dirt and stay extra low, dissipating upward momentum to save a precious .001 here or there. It could mean the difference between points and places come race time.

Sven Martin camped out at the hip today to capture the steeze and decided it was time to vote between four of the nastiest slip-sliders of the day. Finn Iles, Mitch Ropelato, Hugo Frixtalon and Dakotah Norton. See the shots, place your vote. It's as important as race day...almost. -photos by Sven Martin

Finn Iles

Mitch Ropelato

Hugo Frixtalon

Dak Norton

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Who Scrubbed It Best in Leogang

Honorable Mentions

Matt Walker getting nasty.

Jerome Caroli. Not the scrubbiest, but hot damn, look at how casual those hands are! He also went from plate #120 and qualified in 57th. Solid.


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sspomer 6/8/2019 9:00 PM

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@TEAMROBOT Have a look here, should help you understand what makes a scrub better. https://www.redbull.com/se-en/super-slo-moto-bubba-scrub-video

Notice there isn't much tyre-sliding going on here; just a turn, pre-hop and agressively leaning the bike over. Hope this helps.

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True. Like not all table tops are whips either. I'd say, nice looking euro tables kept low.

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Tires sliding. If the tires aren’t sliding it’s just a fancy looking whip with the bars turned down.

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Love you too, Sven. Hope you and the other squids enjoy Happywordwishland where every word can mean anything you want, and where all the riders scrub on loam with their dampening.

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So, I guess you think that one good scrub is going to win someone a race? One good scrub...........

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Nope. As I see winners' runs, they don't need any good scruuuub to save time (win).
So, one good scrub is a nice looking feature but when it states as 'time saving' ... )

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just b/c winners may not have used the technique doesn't mean a scrub (or any other technique/line choice not used by a winner) isn't a time-saver.

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Bare in mind these were not “for the camera” just functional proper scrubs. I’m going to have to go with Mitch for the pure violence and Finn for the finesse and precision

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Saw Mitch's on an SC Instagram post and it looks so effortless. I had to give it to Finn simply because I imagined that he came into that section at Mach speed. Which of the four came into that stepdown the fastest?

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If you look at the height of the elbow during the initiation of the scrub, Hugo and Mitch have it. The aggression in Finn's sequence is palpable, and Norton has it laid down extremely flat. If I were going for pure form I'd have to give it to Hugo. We all know that we all win in the end though. This is some of the dopest, real-time, top shelf documentation of the best athletes in the sport and we get to vote and comment like we are relevant.

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IMO hugo has the best scrub, because he looks effortless in those photos, no forced move and (but it could be the angle of the photo) he looks to be the lowest.
Don’t get me wrong, they are all fantastic but the others seems to do an agressive move unlike frixtalon who looks to be lighter on the bar. It’s poesie
Thank you for this shots, they’re amazing.

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