Whip vs Whip - Ryan Howard & Bernard Kerr at Crankworx NZ 19

There's just something about a big, nasty moto whip on a mountain bike. Crankworx New Zealand's Whip Off event went off today. Bodies were flying and bikes were sideways. Ryan Howard ultimately won the event and we'll have a full gallery of rad photos soon, but in the meantime, we like to compare things here on Vital.

We've chosen two ludicrous whip photos from Sven Martin so you can vote on which whip you prefer.

Do you like the tucked-in, upright style of Ryan on the left or the dipped, rear-end-high moto style of Bernard Kerr on the right?

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Whip vs Whip - Crankworx NZ

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sspomer 3/9/2016 4:58 PM

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The RDog that I know gets way radder than that. This photog must have been a bit slow or a bit fast because they failed to capture the maximum steeze that he is capable of.

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Photos are hard to compare. Firstly, they can be from different angles, making one of them looking bigger than the other. Also, you can´t see amplitude, the style while executing the whip, and how well it´s taken back.

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they both can whip like a beast and they are two different styles of whips, which is pretty much just personal on what works the best for you, so they both win to me

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Kerr looks like he's still on top of the bike. Rdog looks like he's off the bike more and letting the bike float in front of him... like he's "ghostriding the whip" if you will, and "ghostride the whip" has the word "whip" in it, so Rdog.

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I just came here from YouTube watching the footy of last years contest with Kelly hamming it up the whole time.

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