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Vital MTB Social Scoop

We're just glad that more and more people are being consumed by their phones rather than being consumed by the trails because that just means more room for us to haul ass.

  1. Thanks ThomDawson.
  2. Correct, VitalMX was first, and we have no shame in copying our workmates who do things extremely well.
  3. We'll just save PB time with some content ideas they can use for free: 18 Questions (fun, low-key video interview format with pro riders), Pinkbike Uncooked (action riding videos featuring quick cuts of out-of-the-camera footage), The Inside Rut (a one-on-one podcast interview series with bike people).
  4. Sorry for the immature, pissing match rant. Back to fun bike stuff about having fun on our bikes and stuff.

Beat it you fucking kooks!

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Shame this needs to be said.

Just gonna send it.

Fully pinned! ✊🏼💨💀 @ethan_nell @djshreda 🇺🇸

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It’s always a race! ✊😲🏁

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Bryn wins.

Never give 98%. Ever.



Pretty much sums it up.


What's that R.E.M. song about the end of the world or something?

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sspomer 2/11/2018 11:59 AM

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No STRAVA on unsanctioned trails....How about no riding unsanctioned trails, period. The only reason for the sign is because you don't want more people riding 'your' unsanctioned trails. News flash...if it's on public land, you have no claim to it. The surfer turf mentality has no place in MTB.

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B.S.... Too many people want to be on the "IN" crew but not do any work that make unsanctioned trails happen.

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Good rule of thumb in general and I hate the territorial mentality as much as anyone, but eliminating un-sanctioned trails in that area rules out everything that doesn't have hikers, dogs, and strollers on it.

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Or you don't want people riding your trails, bringing them into the public eye, being shut down/destroyed...

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Public land = often 'illegal' trails
Public broadcasting of 'illegal' trails often leads to 'no more' trails

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I'VE GOT A BIG PROBLEM! I'm completely f*cking clueless when it comes to working on bikes. Still, If I persevere this hammer and screwdriver should get the job done.

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This social look back thing is harmless quick fun. But really, your going to have a content battle over coping and pasting a few links.

Love your work Vital and your unique content is what keeps me clinking, but let this one rest!

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agreed. we all know pb takes ideas/content and tries to turn them into their own, yet we still come here. take the high road on this.

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Oh hell no. If we stop making fun of Pinkbike, why the heck are we even online?
We've already lost all rootbeer .... we can't lose that too. What would The Hoff do?

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