The Inside Line Podcast - Martin Whiteley 12

Mountain bike racing's biggest fan and supporter sits down with Lee Trumpore to discuss all things World Cup - then and now.

The Inside Line Podcast - Martin Whiteley

One of mountain bike racing's most important and influential men is our guest on The Inside Line this week. Martin Whiteley, owner of the YT Mob, has been involved in World Cup MTB racing since the very beginning. From racer to UCI delegate to team owner, he is a veritable encyclopedia of race knowledge and is a significant force in the charge for making World Cup-level racing the best on the planet. Lee Trumpore sat down with Martin in Croatia, before the race began, to discuss the health of World Cup mountain bike racing now compared to the past, the talents of riders like Greg Minnaar and Aaron Gwin, as well as the future of racing. Dig in, it's full of incredible history, opinion and fact about our great sport.


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sspomer 5/30/2018 1:00 AM

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Wow, that was just awesome. Amazing how much Martin was able to say in 51 minutes. So many great insights into the sport. Thank you Vital and Martin.

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One of THE sharpest, I've ever come across. Have learned, and continue to learn, so much valuable knowledge. Can safely say, he's made his impact on the industry. Thanks for all you've done, and continue to do Martin.

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Man...that was just the best interview. Trumpore covered almost all of the damn bases too. Martin hit on EVERYTHING!!! He basically answered everything I wanted to know.
I think he could make a lot more money in another avenue of life, but the way the MTB community treats him as a human being seems to be payment enough for his abilities and contributions!

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I'd add that this was not really a pre-arranged interview and the questions weren't discussed or planned ahead of time. These were his genuine thoughts in real time, which speaks volumes of his depth of knowledge and passion for mtb racing. I would have loved to talk longer but he was already gracious enough to give us '20 minutes' basically on-the-spot, race day morning, while his riders were taking their last practice runs. Mindful of his time, and not wanting to interfere with the team's pre-race routines, it seemed prudent to stop when we circled back to the original topic. But if anyone deserves an encore appearance on The Inside Line it's surely Martin Whiteley.

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Putting this out there without listening yet. This is going to be a verbal poker match & Whitley will be the master. Dying to hear his insights, but I know he won't give us the juiciest bits.

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Amazing Pr strategy from yt this year. Well planned and implemented. Making good use of influencers. And this is no criticism, as I have 2 yt. As Long as value for money, I am in. And Sponsoring DH WC is essential.

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