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The Inside Line Podcast - Kevin Menard, Co-Owner of Transition Bikes 8

From recumbent bike assembly to co-owner of one of mountain biking's most fun brands, Kevin Menard gets on the mic for The Inside Line.

The Inside Line Podcast - Kevin Menard, Co-Owner of Transition Bikes

In this episode we chat with Kevin Menard, co-owner of Transition Bikes. We talk about working at a recumbent factory when he was younger, the moment he and his partner Kyle decided to go for it over a ping pong match some 18 years ago, quitting the corporate life, the brand's by riders / for riders culture, their thoroughly entertaining videos, the incredible riding community of Bellingham, Washington, memories throughout the years, product development, zigging when others zag, and much more. Enjoy the show! - Brandon Turman


Keep up with Kevin's latest adventures and projects on Instagram @transitionkevin and visit to check out the full line of party-worthy rides.

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sspomer sspomer 9/25/2018 9:22 PM

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I let this interview greatly influence my purchase of a 2019 Smuggler. Just about nothing he said was true about my online purchase experience . O’well, the bike is awesome, I don’t regret the purchase but don’t buy into the small company feel. A Trek purchase would have been better only because I wouldn’t have expected any better than the service I got.

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That was gold! I built up a 2018 Aluminium Smuggler and it is by far one of my most fun bikes to ride. The frame is burly and just begs to rail turns and huck hidden trail obstacles. So rad! Thanks Transition

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I demoed a Sentinel at REEB ranch in Brevard last year. I went straight back to the Transition tent after my first descent on the bike, and informed them that the Sentinel was the best-descending trail bike I'd ridden (still stand by that). My stoke got them stoked, and they ended up giving me a beer, Transition socks, and a Transition shirt for the feedback. These were owners, riders, and designers giddy because some random dude was giddy about their bike. I've met no other company like Transition.

I lived in St. Louis at the time, and didn't feel like the Sentinel was right for those trails. However, those are still my favorite socks and shirt, and my next bike will be a Smuggler!

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Great podcast from a great bike company. As a Deity fanboy, I was pleasantly surprised by the ANVL stuff that came stock on my new Patrol: first bike I have ever owned that I didn't need to switch the bars/stem out. Radical bikes from a rad group of people.

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it should be in google play, itunes/apple podcasts etc. i'll get it to youtube soon. here it is on stitcher too -

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