The Inside Line Podcast - Joey Schusler, Mountain Biker, Filmmaker, Adventurer 3

From racing World Cup DH with Yeti Cycles to bikepacking the most remote corners of the globe, professional adventurer Joey Schusler talks extreme sledding, filmmaking and following his passions on or off two wheels.

The Inside Line Podcast - Joey Schusler, Mountain Biker, Filmmaker, Adventurer

Brandon Turman hosts The Inside Line this week with special guest, Joey Schusler. Brandon says, "I had the pleasure of catching up with a long-time friend of mine, Joey Schusler. In recent years Joey has played a big role as a rider, director, filmer, and photographer in some truly incredible films and features that you've no doubt laid eyes on. This was recorded in Snowmass, Colorado at the 17th Annual Yeti Tribe Gathering, a multi-day get together of Yeti owners and fans in a rad location, riding bikes and having a great time. Snowmass is a place where Joey has a lot of history as a downhill race winner, so it was only fitting that we touch on his journey from local grom to US hopeful, World Cups, World Champs, enduro racing, and how that racing history has helped fuel the adventures he's up to today. Enjoy the show!"


The bus! A story of some good friends doing what they do best; having fun, adventuring, and sending it on mountain bikes and kayaks.

Never having attempted a mountain bike to packraft link-up, Joey and his friends decided it was a great idea to travel to one of the most remote and sparsely populated places in the world to try it out.

The goal: to circumnavigate one of the most wonderful and wicked mountain ranges in the world – the Huayhuash, by bicycle. This was all a spur of the moment idea; part of the vicious cycle of making every adventure more thrilling than the last...

Keep up with Joey's latest adventures on Instagram and Vimeo.

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sspomer 7/31/2018 11:42 PM

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One of the most inspiring mtb person, wishing there'd be a colab with darcy. Follow up question; is there a reason he only uploads for vimeo and no youtube?

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I’ve been following Joey since his DH days and love the adventure vibe. Get out there and make your own adventure, whatever scale it is. Also a great reminder about the NOLS wilderness courses. Wilderness first aid should get more press given how much MTB’ers are away from emergency services. For what we spend on our bikes and gear, a NOLS course should be high up on the list.

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