TRP's G-Spec Brake Line Diversifies

Introduction of new Trail, DH and eMTB brakes.

TRP's G-Spec Brake Line Diversifies

The crew at TRP was pumped to introduce us to their latest project, the G-Spec Trail SLC disc brake. This brake builds off the G-Spec downhill brake that has been proven on the World Cup DH circuit with Aaron Gwin and the YT Mob. The Trail SLC is tuned for better braking performance at slower, average speeds. While it sports the same caliper body the piston size has been modified to two 14mm pistons and two 16mm pistons versus four 16mm pistons in the downhill version.

Trail SLC

Trail S

The lever is I-Spec II compatible and can mate with SRAM’s Matchmaker system using a TRP adapter. TRP will be offering their trail brakes in two models, the SLC and S with the majority of the difference between the two coming down to the lever material (carbon versus aluminum), a slight refinement to the tool-free reach adjust, and higher-end composite / stainless hybrid pistons on the more expensive SLC model. TRP uses entirely stainless pistons on the Trail S model, which they say work in all but the most demanding trail applications. 


Also new from TRP is a bit of a naming change on the downhill side of the spectrum with new good-better-best options. The most affordable model will be called Quadiue followed by the G-Spec DH-R and the G-Spec DH filling in that top spot with the most features and best lever body finish. TRP’s brakes will work with Shimano disc brake pads if you are in a pinch, which is one feature that makes owning a less common disc brake more appealing to many.



TRP is also working on a G-Spec e-MTB brake with a new caliper design said to offer improved heat management and potentially even better stopping power. TRP is using a thicker rotor on this brake which provides less deformation under heavy braking. We wouldn’t be surprised by the possibility of these popping up in some downhill applications if the claims are true. All of TRP’s new brakes are expected to be available this fall.


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