PIT BITS - Fort William World Cup Downhill 19

Bikes, parts and wheels ready for Fort William destruction.

PIT BITS - Fort William World Cup Downhill

Round two of the 2019 UCI World Cup Downhill resumes after the typical early-season, weeks-long hiatus, landing the circus back in the highlands of Scotland. The time between races gives riders, engineers, mechanics and managers time to update, upgrade and fine-tune the bikes in preparation for one of the most unforgiving downhill courses of the season. PIT BITS are here from Fort William, Scotland. Most photos by the Honorable Sir Dan Hearn with supplements by Sven Martin and @maddogboris.

Is there more to Loic's new fork than just the color?

Finn's new frame.

Kona getting the Stendec data recording system rolling.

Courtesy of Dave Garland.

Greg Minnaar's XL Santa Cruz V10cc 29er

Fresh Chris King loveliness.

Loris XTR
Loris XTR
Greg Saint
Greg Saint

Is it still only a test?

No messes at Madison Saracen please.

If you hire CP Gang as your attorney, you're definitely doing something wrong (by which we mean incredibly right).


More Stendec on Mondraker.

Dave Garland, the man behind the Stendec system.

Stendec Data brain.

Unfortunately not actually a turbo boost button.

Laurie running the longer chain stay option.

Mondraker headset cup.

Stendec data acquisition is linked to an action cam for data overlaid footage.

All these wheels are just praying they're not the chosen one this weekend.

Someone at Intense has been hitting the steeps lately!

Bontrager Tire Sealant for the Trek Factory Racing team.


Custom reservoir caps for Brayton

Tourist's guide to Scotland.

All about those details. FMD mechanic, Jake checking the angles.

If the bike can roll through a library without being yelled at by the librarian, the job has been done correctly.

Tahnee's Red Bull helmet all bedazzled.

DT star ratchet service time.

New Commencal bikes being prepared for practice.

Adjustable shock mount on the new Commencal DH bike.
Commencal rim balancing strips.
Commencal reach adjustable headset.
New SRAM X0 DH goods.

Prototype SRAM power meter cranks adapted from enduro to DH.

Commencal now have a deal with Pro-Bolt who supply F1 teams. They produce extremely high-grade titanium bolts that supposedly cure the potential issues Ti bolts have historically suffered from such as seizing and snapping.

Like we said...don't let the librarian yell at you.

Grip covers will be pretty common in the weather we're predicted.

A few of these will be used this weekend!


Stay tuned for more Fort William World Cup DH action all week and weekend!

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sspomer 5/30/2019 5:44 PM

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On an unrelated note, Vital thanks for switching to a single page we can scroll thru for these! I hated the slideshow on a phone

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I would think not just because it isnt something you can adjust. It's of course something they consider when developing a fork but not when setting up for a race.

| Reply

Still covers the grip from greasy mechanic hands. The mechanic just has to make sure not to touch the small uncovered end

| Reply

First I've seen of it. Looks way more refined, and I imagine stiffer and lighter. The solid dropout/brake mount is a big improvement. And it looks like they've finalized the pulley location after the last few years of testing on the team bikes.

| Reply

Quite a clever trick / tip to use the phone + app to get both brake levers at the same angle!

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Honest question — are the bikes checked for mechanical doping?

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Holy moly those Pro-bolt ti bolts are expensive! And im comparing those to other ti bolts. $5-$8 a peice.

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