Afton was founded when TJ Parcells, a designer who spent years creating products for others, finally went into business for himself after he realized there weren’t many good-looking, casual MTB shoes that offered good performance on the trail.

Afton Keegan Flat Pedal Shoe

The Keegan is built from the ground up with a proprietary rubber compound developed specifically for this sole. The 60a durometer compound strikes a balance between being too hard and too soft and is elastic enough to conform to pedal pins while not getting ripped apart by them.

TJ claims the shank in the Keegan is the first-ever mtb-specific flat pedal shoe shank. It uses a mono-directional flex pattern, flexing from heel to toe, while preventing twisting. This allows the foot to roll naturally while walking but keeps it stiff during pedaling. Upper materials consist of water-resistant synthetic nubuck with a nylon reenforced toe and heel box. The insole has 7mm thick section under heel for added cushion which tapers down to 4mm in toe area. It is also anti-microbial to keep things fresh. The Keegan is priced at $99.99USD.

Afton Vectal Clipless Shoe

The Vectal features the same upper construction and same rubber outsole in a different color. The shoe is built around lollipop-shaped shank to control stiffness in key areas for maximum pedal power transmission while retaining compliance for hiking. The metal clips the cleats attach to offer 35mm of fore/aft adjustment and they are replaceable, meaning your expensive shoes are not rendered useless because of a rock strike or stripped thread. $119.99USD for the Vectal.

Afton’s Keegan and Vectal are just now hitting retailers and global distribution channels. Chain Reaction Cycles carries them too, offering plenty of customer reach. Adrien Loron, who just won King of Crankworx is now on the squad and there is word of a Rampage athlete and World Cup DHer being added to the roster soon.

Vital has both shoes in for testing and will report back on their riding performance soon. Visit for all the details on this budding, young brand.

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sspomer 9/1/2017 4:26 PM

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Hope he succeeds, and I'm interested to try a pair of the flats even though I'm not totally sold on the looks.

BUT sspomer, "a designer who spent years creating products for others,"...his linkedin doesn't have a design title anywhere in his history...that'd be like calling the armchair 'engineers' on forums actual engineers. Seems like the dude has product management histroy buttoned up though.

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OK, so we don't want to sound like we're here to defend TJ and what he told us when we met him, but holding numerous product management roles in relatively small companies in the MTB space certainly does lend credence to his claims of "creating products for others". He would definitely have been close enough to to whole product lifecycle to have acquired significant experience and expertise in most areas including product design, manufacture, and marketing. For example, he spent 3 years doing this for 100%:

"First employee hire, brought on for product expertise in eyewear to lay out a solid introductory product line, source goggle / sunglass manufacturing, achieve desired margins and obtain an on time delivery of stellar product which was critical to break into a crowded eyewear market."

I'm sure you can split some hairs about how that's not an outright "design" definition in your books, but let's keep it real here. The dude has certainly spent more than enough time in relevant fields to be able to successfully pull off creating his own shoe line - as indeed he has just proven here. Whether or not we like how they look is beside the point.

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ugliest biking shoes I have ever seen in my life. every new shoes in the market make me love more and more my 5/10 and Oneal flat pedal shoes

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