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Maxxis Dissector Tire Reviewed by Top Member Reviewer and Jenson USA Award Winner 10

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Every month we award the Top User Reviewer with a little prize. This month Jenson USA pitched in another $100 gift card! Vital member rybrentd took home top honors with a solid review of the new Maxxis Dissector tire:


Maxxis Dissector Tire - MSRP: $75-90

The Good: Climbing grip, rolling speed, and traction (even in the wet). 

The Bad: Doesn't have the raw speed of the Aggressor, raw traction of the High Roller 2, or raw braking traction of the DHR2.

"I can't believe the reviews for this tire are so few and far between. I have the 2.4" EXO Maxxterra (27.5) that I put on the rear in November of 2019. Having ridden many tires from the Maxxis lineup (which is my basis for comparison) including DHF, DHR2, HR2, and Aggressor, I will compare this to their other rear tires.

I feel like it has better climbing grip but slightly slower rolling speed than the Aggressor but the braking, traction, and cornering characteristics closer to a HR2. You can punch into corners or drift into them similar to a HR2. In dry, undulating terrain where you aren't braking much I would go with the Aggressor (not a good tire for wet conditions, especially clay). If you are just riding downhill I would choose either the HR2 or DHR2 (bike park, shuttling, etc).

This is a good tire for something like Dupont or Pisgah in North Carolina where you are trying to put in lots of miles, have fast downhills, and dry or wet conditions. Think long climbs followed by long descents. I wouldn't use an Aggressor if it was wet, and I wouldn't use a HR2 or DHR2 because they roll noticeably slower. This is kind of a niche tire I feel like, and it depends on where and what you ride. Traction on wet rocks and roots is also stellar even though it's a dry tire. After a recent trip to Pisgah and Dupont in NC, this somehow became my favorite rear Maxxis tire for aggressive trail riding. I just wish it came in a Double Down Maxxterra for the rear." - Read more»

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bturman bturman 4/10/2020 3:46 PM

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HR2 and DR2 roll considerably faster than the Aggressor, this bites more than a HR2 Works great out int he utah desert paired with an Assegai or DHF up front.also great in PNW loam with a Shorty upfront. similar drifting to HR2 with slightly later breakway.

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Yeah, but which tire would you like in the back if things get loose or steep or wet?

I came here to complain about the Dissector, I live in Australia obviously, so this should be my ultimate tire. Makes me feel a bit unpatriotic posting this, but anyway. I've got no complaints about grip in loose dusty stuff, but part of the reason I like Maxxis in Australian conditions is they hold up... second ride on the Dissector (EXO+ MaxxTerra) I saw a bunch of these weird growths of sealant where it looked like the middle knobs had been ripped and sealant had plugged it up. Several rides later and I'm wondering how long some of the side knobs will stay attached to the carcass. I suppose that's not Troy's fault, more Maxxis so maybe I can sleep well tonight.

The knobs are tall, even compared to an Assegai, I wonder if this contributes to the ripping. I don't slide much unless I have to stop in a hurry, so it seems kinda strange that I'm going to kill it pretty quick, when a DHR2 or a DHF or a Griffin would hold up fine. I've enough half used ones stashed in the garage to attest to this.

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The rear tire I ran previously was a 2.3 DHR2 DD in maxxterra but the increase in rolling speed of the dissector was extremely noticeable. I just put a 2.5 HR2 DD maxxterra back on the rear and rode the same trails in the same conditions the next day and my immediate thought was the HR2 is slower but has more bite and better cornering. The dissector is extremely close to HR2 I would agree and I'm running the HR2 at 26 psi and the dissector was 28 psi. I disagree about the aggressor rolling speed but only because I mostly ran it on hard pack clay with a touch of loose conditions on top. Utah conditions and east coast US conditions are worlds apart though so I can only vouch this area. Happy trails!

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of course a 2.5 DD HR2 with less pressure is slower, it's nearly 200 grams heavier, and a less supple casing. I grew up riding new england, have lived in every corner of the country and i'm a 20 year veteran mechanic and former DH and Enduro racer. If you're going to write a review, be more objective and compare apples to apples, compare a 2.4 Dissector to s 2.4 HR2 or DHR2 both in the same casing and pressure, or all you opinions are invalid. This review is rubbish without consistent data and nothing more that a forum opinion post.

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I've ridden a both a 2.4 HR2 and 2.4 DHR2 in EXO maxxterra already AND I always run 28 psi rear with exo casing so that would be an apples to apples comparison (same rim ID as well). My comment simply built on the review it wasn't a complete summary. Anyways, thanks Vital and Jenson!

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