Leogang World Cup DH Post-Race Interviews 7

The inside scoops like only Sven, Boris and Dan can get from the world's fastest mountain bike racers.

Leogang World Cup DH Post-Race Interviews

It was another day of incredible racing at the Leogang World Cup Downhill. Times were incredibly close and there was no room for error. Sven, Boris and Dan deliver the intimate post-race interviews with the winners and the heart-broken.


Rachel Atherton's Winning Bike - Trek Session

Amaury Pierron's Winning Bike - Commencal Supreme DH 29

Vali Holl's Winning Bike - YT TUES

See the Leogang race results here

sspomer 6/10/2018 10:10 AM

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29 er, aluminum frame, air shock, wins the top step, Wowzer! Congrats Amaury!

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What a race! Good coverage by both vital ,as always , and redbull. Camera angles were on it. A mashup of Gwin up top, Blenkis motorway and Amaury everywhere else would be the dream run

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