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Joe's No Flats has just released their Podium Sealant as used by Aaron Gwin and the rest of the YT MOB.  The short-term use, race-day formula claims to instantly seal cut and punctures up to 10mm in diameter. After the recommended 300km maximum use the sealant doesn't become useless, but rather its effectiveness begins to degrade to the level of Joe's standard level sealant. So while you can run Podium Sealant for the long term if you choose, you'll quickly lose any advantage gained.  Price was not available at this time but expect it to cost about 30% more than their standard sealant. Made for winners.




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sspomer sspomer 7/8/2018 9:04 PM

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Expected to cost 30% more than other sealant brands? It better work as advertised. Finishline's B.S. tire sealant was a HUGE let down. They should recall their sealant and refund anyone who wasted their money on it. The race to find the best sealant is still on. So far Orange Seal and Stans Pro sealant are the best but come with their own headaches.

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