Joe Lawwill - The Inside Line Podcast 6

Not very many people can say that Gary Fisher taught them how to book cheap airfare using newspaper ads. Joe Lawwill elaborates on this and other great MTB stories on The Inside Line.

Joe Lawwill - The Inside Line Podcast

Shimano MTB Marketing Specialist, Joe Lawwill, was one of the first people to ride a full-suspension mountain bike. His father, the legendary motorcycle racer, Mert Lawwill, made the bike some 30 years ago. From a budding motocross career that organically grew into a life in the cycling industry, Joe has been immersed in our sport for decades after being turned on to the speed of mountain biking while riding the infamous Repack trail with a young Myles Rockwell. Joe's pedigree of helping develop and test some of the most influential bikes of our sport's history has led him to a position at Shimano where he manages mountain bike racers and athletes in an effort to develop world-class product. Kyle Warner conducts this enlightening interview, filled with great stories about the past, as well as diving into where Joe sees mountain biking's future headed.

Thank you - Maxxis Tires

Maxxis Tires

A big thanks goes out to Maxxis Tires as they continue to support The Inside Line. The Vital test crew just finished a short-travel 29er Test Sessions in the Phoenix area last week and each bike was outfitted with a 2.5 Assegai EXO+ tire up front and a 2.3 Aggressor tire with DoubleDown casing out back. No flats, no tears, no problems throughout the entire testing period despite the sharpest rocks, plenty of hucks to flat and cacti galore. The Test Sessions video will be out in late February.

Thank you - Jenson USA

Jenson USA
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sspomer 1/15/2020 6:54 AM

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Great podcast!

The BMXer in me loves a good flow line with plenty of good jumps... A well done one still let's me feel like a kid. However, with as capable as are bikes are, I still like to spend time on harder natural trails that make you think and work to get through them.
I've also been one to say let a trail develop naturally. People get too anxious to either "make it better " or to keep it as it is... Sometimes, it's fine to let it be...

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Flow trails are sick if done right. They must be well designed and actually flow right though otherwise they do become repetitive and lame. Tech is always sick as well. The key is to have a good combo of the two.

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I'm a pretty big proponent for natural "old school" trails. Flow trails make sense in bike parks, which have to cater to a large spectrum of rider skill levels. Flow trails are a constant, and when built well can make most riders feel like heroes. They can also be easier to maintain and armor against erosion.

But I love the learning curve and elation that can really only come from something kinda janky...

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