Hope Introduces New Cranks and Wheels | BCA 2019 4

Hope is bringing out plenty of new stuff for 2019 with simplified, lighter cranks and completely new rims and wheelsets headlining the changes.

Hope Introduces New Cranks and Wheels | BCA 2019

The CNC wizards from Barnoldswick, England were on hand at the 2019 Winter Bike Connection event in Massa Marittima, Italy to take us through some of latest additions to their ever growing catalog of bike parts. Listen in as Hope's Alan Weatherill talks us through some of the highlights in the player below, then cruise on down the page for more information from Hope and of course the fresh pics.

EVO Crankset

Continued development of our popular crankset has led to the EVO Edition, a new benchmark for aluminium MTB cranks.

The latest FEA analysis tools, rigorous lab testing and extensive field testing mean the EVO crankset is both lighter and stiffer than the previous model. Now featuring a self extracting axle/arm interface, simplifying fitting and removal. And all proudly designed, tested and manufactured in Barnoldswick, UK.

Fortus Wheelsets

For many years our Tech range of rims have been the wheel of choice for mountain bikers, from the lightest XC racer to the most extreme downhill rider we’ve been able to supply their perfect rim.

In recent years the trend has moved to wider and wider rims to match increasing tyre profiles. To cater to this wider market we’ve spent time developing a new range of rims that will be available in May 2019. The rims feature an optimised profile to keep rigidity, without adding excessive weight.

The rims feature subtle waterslide graphics, however we will also offer aftermarket decal kits in colours to match our six anodised finishes.

The new FORTUS range of wheels will replace the existing Tech wheels and will be available in the following profiles:

Fortus Specs and Pricing

For more information, head on over to www.hopetech.com.

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iceman2058 3/4/2019 9:54 AM

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Weights on the 26mm rim/wheel have got to be wrong surely? 130g per rim heavier than the 3mm narrower 23mm rim yet only 30g lighter than the 9mm wider 35mm? Something's off there!

Also, those 30mm rims are heavy!!! I know Hope like to make a durable product but that is insane! My entire front wheel (28h Pro 4 and Arch MK3 27.5 is within 100g of the rim alone!

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on the Crank's exploded view, isn't the description of the Drive and non-drive side should be the other way around? It must be me don't understand how it works....

this one is correct thou


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