Darren Murphy of PUSH Industries - The Inside Line Podcast 11

Suspension geeks and entrepreneurs get stoked as the origins of PUSH with Darren Murphy are the topic of today's Inside Line.

Darren Murphy of PUSH Industries - The Inside Line Podcast

Darren Murphy, of PUSH Industries joins us on the The Inside Line podcast to discuss his journey from being the only mountain biker in a small, northern-Maine town to being the owner of a successful mountain bike suspension tuning and product brand. Known for their Elevensix coil shock and high-performance aftermarket fork upgrades, PUSH, which manufacturers their products in the U.S., has made steady, organic growth in the MTB scene since it was founded in the early 2000's. Our conversations touches on being at the right place at the right time, embracing opportunities and taking the risks necessary to achieve his goals.


Enjoy the episode and stay tuned for Part 2 next week, when we ask Darren a wide range of suspension-specific questions.

Visit www.pushindustries.com to learn more about PUSH

Last but not least, a big thanks and audio hug to all you Inside Line listeners. We hope you're getting out on the trails and having a blast on your bike this summer. Without you, what's the point?

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sspomer 7/17/2019 8:07 AM

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Thanks for another great episode. I've been going over and over both Parts 1 and 2 as I've been trying to improve my suspension set up. That's why its only now that I'd like to add my thoughts even if its after four months! I generally give less thought on fine tuning my suspension set up and I've tried following the how-tos from online videos. It was just timely that I opened this episode a few days after I've had my suspension serviced and it made a world of difference to my ride quality. I'm extra careful with cleaning, etc. my pride and joy but just how the suspension feels after the service was mind blowing. In the past week I've been trying to really dial my suspension. After this, I think I might replace my old airspring to the new DebonAir for my Rockshox Yari.

Thanks to Shawn and all you guys at Vital.

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I worked with Push on a fork in 2013. I didn’t like the results or the customer service, so I pretty much wrote them off and have been loyal to Avalanche since then. I love my Avy stuff. After listening to this pod and thinking about how push stopped working on the type of fork I had shortly after that time, I now realize they were pivoting away from tuning other manufacturers products at that time. I don’t have any hard feelings. I think they’re worth a revisit as a product company with their various new releases. Darren seems genuine about wanting to make great stuff and has always been generous with info on the forums.

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Well said Sir. I'm currently trying my best to clean up shop after replacing a bad employee at my new job. I've met Darren and ridden his stuff for years without complaint. (For the record we do high end sail boat rigging. So if you can afford a modern mountain bike, give us a call.)

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This is excellent. I hope lots of young people listen to this and become inspired to follow their passions, like Darren has. Proud to call him a friend.

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Great interview Sean, makes such a difference When you can get them out of the office for a day 👍

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Maybe because despite many people who love his custom work, Craig is an asshole and doesn’t have the ambition that Darren does?

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GREAT episode. I’ve been thoroughly pleased with Push for years now having 3 shocks done over the years and most recently Darren’s wife, Christina, gave me solid advice on which used Fox fork to get that would be best suited to their tune so once I got it I had the factory tune performed on it. Great company at every level and it was fascinating to hear about the beginnings.

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