Bike vs. Bike - Transition Patrol Carbon or Yeti SB130 Turq? 12

Low-key or loud? These two beautiful bikes are dream builds with their own personalities. Decisions, decisions.

Bike vs. Bike - Transition Patrol Carbon or Yeti SB130 Turq?

Some days you want to shred without being noticed. Other days you want the world to see your turnbars. If you convinced Vital members, O1D4 and Nommader, to give you their bikes, you would have the best of both worlds. We've decided to slap these two dream builds in a head-to-head drool-off to see which bike gets the internet nod of approval. Clearly, everyone is a winner with these two masterpieces of two-wheeled perfection. Dig on in.

O1D4's 2019 Transition Patrol Carbon

An intelligently built and spec'd trail shredding machine with SRAM X01 / XX1 Eagle drivetrain to get you up and Shimano Saint brakes to control the descent. A FOX 36 Float 170 and DPX2 get the custom decal treatment keeping the entire bike subdued. The Ride Wrap shuttle armor is a nice touch keeping the bike ding-free on the way to battle. Joystick, Chromag and One Up bits keep the PNW flavor dripping with a total weight of 31.8 pounds including pedals.

Nommader's Yeti SB130 Turq

There's no mistaking that classic Colorado turquoise and when it's paired with that blazing FOX orange, you definitely have two tickets to enduro land. This stunning Yeti SB130 can't be missed and once you've contained yourself, you'll notice the details of a well-thought-out build, ready for slaying. The SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain is a solid staple but blingy Hope Tech 3 stoppers slow down the high-end We Are One carbon hoops on Onyx hubs. Race Face 35mm cockpit goods steer the FOX 36 Float Factory as the e*thirteen tires throw the roost. A 9point8 Fall Line post rounds out a critical piece of the build and the Yeti wins the weight war today at a shade over 30 pounds.

Now is your chance to vote for your favorite. Do you go stealth? or do you go flashy?

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Bike vs. Bike Vital Member Edition

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sspomer 11/4/2018 7:59 PM

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Haha! What a nice surprise seeing my bike up there! I don't think I should need to vote on this for anyone to figure out which one I prefer?

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To each their own but the matchy match on the Yeti with the grips pedals hubs seat and cable housing is a bit much for me. Dude that owns it might shred but it just screams DDS bike to me. Someone got their feelers hurt. Just calling a spade a spade. Orange fork is rad the rest of it is trying way too hard.

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Would be nice to see est. "new" build costs to go along with weight. (the Yeti wins the weight war, but how much more did it cost to win?)

Also, would be great if you picked two bikes where you had a Vital tester near who was able to ride and compare them both...?

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I still don't see the price to value on carbon. the sweet TR Patrol weighs in at 31.8. My Jeffsy weighs that without pedals. Add a half pound more weight for that and it puts me at 32.3. My complete YT plus pedals and grips cost less than the frame alone of the TR. I could easily put lighter cranks or carbon bars, etc, on it and come in at or under. And the YT climbs fairly well.

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It's not all about weight. I'd ride carbon if it weighed the same or slightly more than aluminum. My last three bikes were carbon, and this year, I decided to get a new bike on a budget, so I went back to aluminum. In terms of silencing chatter and keeping my hands on the bars, carbon just does a way better job of that. I'm stocked to have any modern full-travel mountainbike, but I'll probably sell the aluminum next year and go back to carbon.

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Agreed, Carbon goes beyond saving weight. The design and layup gives properties that can not be matched my Aluminium. Also, for those in aware, Aluminium is the quickest bike frame material to fatigue. Carbon, steel, and even titanium far outlast Aluminium.

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These bikes are not really comparable, One is a 27.5 160/170mm travel Enduro slayer and one is a 29" 130 travel trail slayer. Both great in their perspective area of expertise, be it weight, prowness, or price

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Haha I was actually really hoping to see a Bike vs Bike article... Not a who took the best photos article.

So.... can we just do a for real test between these two bikes?? would be a good little shoot out!

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