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A Wrench That Interfaces With Your Smartphone? The Future Is Now 5

Why own a pedal wrench that only works with some pedals? The Vital MTB wrench has every pedal covered and is handy for other bits of your bike. Oh, and it will sync with your smartphone...

A Wrench That Interfaces With Your Smartphone? The Future Is Now

For some riders, shop space is a commodity. Others enjoy the simplicity of a tool that functions in multiple capacities. The Vital MTB pedal wrench has a 15mm box as well as 8mm and 6mm Allen heads. Not just for pedals, the 8mm is particularly handy for cranks. Our handle isn't just comfy, it is functional too. Just scan the QR code with your smartphone and you'll be taken care of.

Our slick wrench was part of the latest Vital MTB Gear Club box. Head here if you want to snag this particular box. Not a member? Subscribe to get in on the club and stay prepared for your next ride.


Not a believer? Just ask our in-house expert on how well it works!


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BHowell BHowell 5/26/2020 2:11 PM

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It would be sick if you could program in what side you were undoing (drive or non) so it could tell you which way to turn the fucking thing. Such an uneasy feeling undoing tight pedals, no matter how many times i do it...

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Tip : you want to tighten the pedals ? Wrench in the same way than when you pedal.
That's it (and basically that's why there is a left-hand thread on one side and a right-hand thread on the other).

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Is it grammatically incorrect ? Don't get it.

When you pedals, the movement of your crankset is clockwise on the right of the bike (considering you look at your bike side view), and counter-clockwise on the left of the bike, you agree ?

So when you want to tighten your pedals it's simply in the same way (clockwise or counter-clockwise) "than" when you pedals.

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