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Reply to Sam Hill Drops Andorra World Cup To Focus on EWS 8/26/2016 10:53 AM

I like your optimism but thinking that Sam Hill had 6 more world Cup wins in him seems like along shot. EWS races are not a rehab for injuries. Those races are brutal and have almost as high a risk for injury as DH. If it really was about injuries and ... more »

Reply to Sam Hill Drops Andorra World Cup To Focus on EWS 8/26/2016 5:40 AM

That would be awesome but I would not likely bet on it. I think he probably has enough of DH and cab see the writing on the wall that he's never going to get back to the top. This is likely signaling his full time move to the DH retirement home. He's ... more »

Reply to Trail Dogs Rule 5/21/2016 1:49 PM

I'm a dog lover and trail dogs are awesome, but it's imperative in my opinion that people are responsible when taking thier dog out riding. If they are not 100% properly trained they can be a danger to themselves and other riders. I've come across too ... more »

Reply to What Are YOU Most Picky About Regarding Setup? 2/26/2016 8:13 PM

I am not generally very picky about most things. I'm just not that sensitive to the little adjustments or minor changes in setup. But what I am very picky about is the way my bike sounds and unwanted noise. Everything needs to be tight and as quiet as ... more »

Reply to Belgian Rider Found with Hidden Motor at CX Worlds 2/2/2016 11:30 AM

Yes, the rider in the video couldn't have been using a system like the one pictured above. For the rear wheel to keep spinning like that while the cranks are stationary, the motor would have to me connected directly to the rear wheel, not mounted to ... more »

Reply to Are You Getting a New Bike for 2016? 10/30/2015 6:24 PM

I just bought a 'new' bike. It's 2 years old but in great condition. That about as good as it gets for me (and I assume many others) who have a budget.

Reply to Overpriced MTB products? 7/7/2014 11:09 AM

Not actual bike parts, but I think bike related tools can often be wildly overpriced.

Reply to Bike storage: how do you do it? 7/1/2014 10:28 AM

I've also made one of these PVC ones and it work great. You can take the basic plans on that site and modify them to you needs. I made one for 5 bikes in my garage and it works great. The material was in expensive and took only a couple hours to cut ... more »

Reply to What Do You Enjoy in Mountain Biking Besides Mountain Biking? 6/2/2014 2:59 PM

Shopping for parts of course..... but after that is working on and maintaining my bikes. Long before I ever started mountain biking I always had a thing for taking things apart, seeing how they work, and putting them back together. Its no different now ... more »

Reply to 2013 Norco Sight 650B Killer B Enduro Build 4/5/2013 8:32 AM

Any reason you went with a Medium cage X9 with the 1x10 instead of a short cage? I'm thinking of going 1x10 with a short cage so I'm curious?