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Liked a comment about video VITAL RAW REDUX - BEST OF WORLD CUP DOWNHILL 2019 9/30/2019 2:54 PM

That Snowshoe track really takes me back and makes me wonder why there weren't Way more flats. (The answer is probably tire inserts.)

Back in the early 2k's I did a race at Squaw Mountain near Lake Tahoe. It was a very rocky track, so I pumped both tires up to forty pounds or so and got double flats on my first run. I fixed those and pumped em up to fifty pounds for my second run during which I double flatted again. So I fixed them again and pumped them up straight to sixty pounds, which I rode for the rest of the weekend, including my race run, with no further issues. I'm pretty sure that was also the race where I got my highest speed trap time of 54. Miles Rockwell clocked 63 as I recall.

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an easy choice... ancilotti!

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Liked a comment about video Even More Crazy & Cool MTB Tech Products - Sea Otter Day 3.1 4/16/2019 12:55 PM

Not liking those videos, slideshow are much more convenient to watch when you are stuck at the office. And when I get my freedom back I'd rather spend the time riding than looking at a screen.

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Liked a comment about press release Introducing 'The Message' – Trailing Multi-Link Front Suspension from Trust Performance 10/25/2018 1:36 PM

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Liked a comment about press release Brandon Semenuk's Signature Edition etnies CRANK Shoes Coming Soon 7/26/2018 1:09 AM

FANBOY OVERLOAD 9000!.....Had a pair of black leather Etnies in my teens, they were the absolute best. I feel like the biggest teenage girl right now, having shoe glee. Also, my mom advised me today that I'm too old to bicycle. SMH............Going to buy these shoes to butt clench my youth back into damn existence!!! Either way, huge fan of both of them, and excited like a 12 year old girl.

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Liked a comment about feature Goodyear Tires Goes All In and Launches Complete Mountain Bike Line 4/10/2018 12:44 PM
Hollywood Gainey
Here are some NOS 26" Goodyear tires to go with your old bike. (26" is dead unless your on a pump track or dirt jumps)

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Liked a comment about feature Bike vs. Bike - 1992 Yeti ARC vs. 2015 Yeti SB6c 1/18/2018 7:38 AM

The SB6 has a 64 degree head angle? How did they lose 1.5 degrees with only a 10mm bump in fork travel over stock? Doesn’t look like a Angleset or anything?

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