Gravity Bike 12

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Frame: DMR Transition 26" Frame. Misc.: upside down/20" wheels
Grips: ODI short
Brakes: Hayes 8"
Hubs: Shimano XT disc
Saddle: San Marco Carbon Aspide
General Info
Model Year: 2010
Riding Type: Downhill
Weight: 70 lb 0 oz (31751 g)
Additional Info: GPV, top speed 69mph Tioga pass Ca.

Vital MTB member jon.martin.1610092 jon.martin.1610092 1/1/2015 3:26 PM

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Nice. Mine's a Bontrager BMX cruiser, right side up with a DHO and knee pads made of 4" angle iron mounted to the BB. I've always thought Tioga Pass would be the perfect road, I can't afford the leathers though.

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nearly horizontal dropouts and no failsafe wheel retention system + that speed.... asking for trouble. but... HELL YEAH i'd give that a go!

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That is no bike. If it was a bike you could pedal up to 30mph at start and have a much greater end speed as a result. I would qualify this as a 2 wheel soap box.

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