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I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to them both, and I wish the best to her wife.

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How would Santa Cruz know? Just keep the stock stuff and put it on for photos if you ever have an issue.

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Kinda odd you feel the Montaro is a knock off of the Sixer when the Montaro was released a year or two earlier.

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It's nice to see bikes with real world weights listed. Most would look at this and say it's a pig at 34 pounds, but those who know what's up know this beast will get down (bad pun-intended).

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I am interested to how these bars may provide $300 (+/-) more performance than the best possible carbon bars out there.

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What in the actual heck are those bars about!?

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you need to try one..

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Undead and Uprising owner here... in comparison to the Uprising, my Following MB blows it out of the water, in every regard. This new Offering seems like the holy grail to me. Just get on one and ride it, these bikes simply rip.

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Awesome, but just a standard single pivot. However, I would love to see Weagle license out the DELTA system to other manufacturers.

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