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Liked a comment about press release NEW TRANSITION SENTINEL 4/28/2020 4:00 PM
jeff.brines - got bored so I made a video on my thoughts so I don't have to type so damn much.

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Liked a comment about product review Should You Buy This Bike in 2020? 4/25/2020 11:47 AM

You have a fair point; if you are looking for more progressive suspension kinematics with similar geometry you can absolutely find that elsewhere. However, there are a few things that should be considered before suggesting the rear suspension truly has "shortcomings" or there are better investments out there.

First, I'd wager for a large number of people the suspension won't just work right out of the box, it'll work awesome. To suggest there is a one size fits all to suspension is a bit of a misnomer. This bike is more linear (but far from totally linear). Though more progressive kinematics are more in vogue that doesn't make more linear "bad" per say. The bike doesn't bottom excessively, it just uses more of its travel than I personally would like. Key word, personally.

I should focus a lot more on this, maybe as a stand alone video. I've had a number of people reach out to me asking what the perfect tune is on this bike. There is no perfect. To my point, look how many people slapped Eleven Sixes on this bike and claimed its the best thing evarrrrr. That shock is linear. Its a coil. Are these people "wrong"? Doubtful. They found what they liked.

Second, the bikes you mention are all more expensive than the Sentinel. They also all have slightly more travel. The Ripmo I'd argue is only marginally more progressive (12% I think?) and comes in ~$1500 more than the Sentinel (like for like build). That's a LOT of coin for very little (if any) benefit. The others are even more expensive. I could literally buy two alloy GX Sentinels for the price of one Yeti! (I know, apples to oranges)

They all rip, and that's my point. The on trail experience is so damn close being the handling isn't wildly different bike to bike. If you are a thoroughbred racer, as I noted, there are 100% better options out there. But if you don't, boy, I'm not sure I'd feel too good about dropping $6500 on a Yeti SB150 when I'd have just as much fun on a $3999 Sentinel...

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Liked a comment about product review Direct-to-Consumer Tires: Versus Mountain Bike Tires Long-Term Tested 4/15/2020 3:52 PM

With practice and the correct tools (large round trash barrel and good tire lever(s)) mounting up a CushCore is actually not bad at all.

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Liked a comment about product review We Ride the All-New Transition Scout 2/13/2020 9:23 AM

Really well done Transition! Think this is a huge step forward for the brand and I'm excited to see other bikes in their line up get a similar treatment. Also love the versatility they're giving the bike with the ability to long stroke the rear shock, for heavier riders, that means a lower leverage ratio and less PSI/damping in your shock, that's rad shit. I'm with vital on this one though, seeing size dependent chainstay length would be the icing on the cake for this bike. Regardless, can't wait to try one of these out on my home trails.

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Liked a comment about product review Compliance and Tool Storage: OneUp Carbon Handlebar and EDC Stem Tested 1/14/2020 2:05 PM

Most standard warranty language goes something like this: "This limited warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, malfunctions or failures that result from abuse, neglect, improper assembly, alteration or modification, improper or unauthorized repair or maintenance, crash, accident or collision, or other abnormal, excessive or improper use." It won't take much for the blanket "alteration or modification" clause to kick in, regardless of whether or not the failure can logically be attributed to tapping out the steerer tube. So yes, it's a risk you take.

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I tried standing closer to the Canadian border with my phone to get on Rogers to tap into No dice.VPN for me.

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External cable routing for the win!

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Liked a comment about product review First Ride: Transition's New TR11 Also Goes to 11 9/13/2019 1:09 PM

The V10 (not even the CC model) with pretty much the same build is $8200, new Demo (alloy) with same build kit is $6500. Demo 8 carbon frame is $4k, Trek just marked the top end Session down to $7600 from $8400 so it's right in line with Carbon competition at same or similar build spec. Intense Pro build is $10k, $7700 for the next line down, Only thing that really is that level and substantially less is Commencal at $5500 for the 2020 Supreme similar build. On the Devinci Wilson, similar build at $6600. I don't count YT since they are always sold out and come with e13 garbage.

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Custom Evil Uprising - Lehman Edition

Y'all are a bunch of haters. I think it's unique and much different than the played out, all-black everything that EVERYONE does these days. The components are uniformly colored and pretty damn spiffy. Is it semi-emulative of the Lakers colors? Sure. But the purple and gold also remind me of Mardi Gras, Popsicles and taffy. it's rad.

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